Is Google Plus Worth Keeping?

If you get an email saying Google will close your Google+ account – will you let them close it?

Is Google Plus Worth Keeping? I received an email from google stating that I have not used my Google+ account in the past year and they would close it soon if I did not log in and comment or make a post. Here is a screenshot of the email:

Is Google Plus Worth Keeping?

Why keep Google+?

I asked myself if I really needed to keep GooglePlus. I have obviously not posted for quite some time (well over 3 years). I must not be using the platform for the social site it was intended to be – remember when people said it would take out Facebook? Well that did not happen.  I ultimately decided to create a new post and keep the platform. Here was my reasoning.

Google seems to love to experiment. they had Hangouts – which was a fabulous video conferencing platform. It has since been replaced by YouTube Live – but is was a great tool while it lasted. Google has released many great tools over the years – most of which are no longer in use. Remember the Google Author status? That was a great tool to get your website ranked faster and to give you authority if you were truly authoring content (not just reposting other people’s content).

I have to ask myself what Google plans for the platform in the future? What other cool tools will they offer through it that I would miss if I allowed the account to de deleted?  The unknown is why I chose to keep my Google+ account.

Let me know if you too plan to keep your account – or let it go when you get your email…

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