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$175 Billion Untapped Market

When your website is easily accessible to

Americans with Disabilities!


$175 Billion Untapped Market

When your website is easily accessible to

Americans with Disabilities!

Add ADA Compliance to your website

  • Add ADA Tools to your website
  • Add Accessibility Policy to your website
ADA Compliant

Avoid These

5 Mistakes

Make your website more
inclusive and useful to
Americans with Disabilities
by making it ADA Compliant

Mistake #1
Ignoring the
Spending Power

The large and growing market of people with disabilities has $175 billion in discretionary spending.

$175 billion is more than four times the spending power of tweens, a demographic sought after by businesses.

Don’t forget our aging population. As people age, their eyesight is not as good as it used to be. Making your website ADA compliant also helps ALL people with low-vision issues. 

This shows that your company cares 

Spending Power of Americans with Disabilities
ADA Compliance Ignoring the Problem

Mistake #2
Ignoring the

Just accepting your website as it is and not making it user-friendly is like burying your head in the sand.
Adding our Suite of Tools to your website allows everyone to use it.
Now that is forward-thinking.

Mistake #3
Ignoring the

Adding our Suite of Tools is your first step. Another critical step is to add captions to all your videos. Captions make videos ADA Compliant. 

Captions are helpful for:

  • The Hearing Impaired
  • Anyone without speakers
  • Anyone with speakers turned off
  • I use a tool called Zubtitle for captions.
Hearing Impaired Video Captions
ADA Compliant Ignoring the Text

Mistake #4
Ignoring the

Have you ever gone to a website where the text is too small to read? What about the text that has little contrast? Making your website accessible for people with disabilities is the same as allowing everyone to read and understand your website easier.

  • Use larger text in general
  • Make the text stand out better
  • Make links clear
  • Use easy to read fonts
  • Use easy words and shorter paragraphs
  • Don’t use light-colored text on a white background

Everyone will enjoy and interact better with your website by keeping these general rules in mind. Adhering to these rules will also help keep your website ADA compliant.

Mistake #5
Ignoring the

Don’t fall victim to frivolous lawsuits.
Your business is not immune.
If these companies did not win, YOU won’t either!

  • Bed Bath Beyond Inc
  • Beyoncé’s Parkwood Entertainment
  • CNN America
  • Domino’s Pizza
  • Dow Jones Company, Inc.
  • Nintendo of America, Inc.
  • The Hershey Company, Inc.

Prevention is the only real answer

Text to Speech

How It Works

Using a simple script, you can add our Suite of Tools that can be activated directly from your website.

  • Text to Speech
  • Magnification
  • Display Contrast
  • Text Spacing
  • Link Highlighter
  • Cursor Enlarger
  • Readable Font
  • Headline Highlighter

Add ADA Compliance to your website

  • Add ADA Tools to your website
  • Add Accessibility Policy to your website
ADA Compliant

ADA Compliance FAQs

What are some businesses that have been sued?2021-12-04T17:02:18-08:00

Some of the businesses that have been sued for not being ADA Complaint are:

  • Bed Bath Beyond Inc.
  • Beyoncé’s Parkwood entertainment
  • City National Bank
  • Domino’s Pizza
  • Kylie Jenner
  • Pandora Ecomm, LLC
  • Pharrell Williams
  • The Hershey Company, Inc.

I hope you noticed that some of these are huge companies. They have the money to hire the best lawyers. As a small business, I assume you do not have to spend on legal fees and attorneys. These companies still lost – do you think you will win?

Preventing your business from ever getting sued is the best answer.

Are businesses really getting sued?2021-12-04T17:00:46-08:00

Yes! Large companies are getting sued for not being in ADA compliance, and they are losing!.

There are people out there making a living from suing businesses that do not comply with the ADA rules.

This is terrible because most small business owners have no idea there are ADA compliance rules for websites. Most are familiar with handicapped parking or wheelchair entrances. But websites?

Videos that are not captioned or subtitled are not ADA compliant. Websites with low contrast between the font color and the background color are not ADA compliant.

Instead of businesses getting a warning and a written notice of how they are out of compliance (so they can fix the problem), people are making a living from suing – and winning!

An ounce of prevention will save you a great deal of money in this case. Will you get sued? Who knows. However, if your website is ADA compliant, it is more user-friendly.

Visit this page for videos on actual companies that have already been sued – and lost.

What are ADA Compliance tools?2023-06-25T15:36:50-07:00

The suite of ADA Compliance tools that Premium Websites offers is a program that can be added to almost any website. The program will give your website users the ability to:

  • Zoom the text
  • Change the font to one that is easy to read
  • Change the text spacing
  • Read blocks of text out loud
  • Change the website contrast
  • Highlight all links
  • Highlight headings
  • Change the curser, so it is bigger and easier to use
What is ADA Compliance?2023-06-25T15:02:33-07:00

ADA (American Disability Act) compliance is when your website meets the guidelines set by the ADA. It makes your website easier for screen readers. The policies are set to make it easier for disabled people to use a website. Some of the things that it includes are:

  • Text large enough to read without zooming the page
  • Text that has enough contrast to be seen and read easily
  • Images that have Alt tags (this is what the screen readers use to describe the image)
  • The content uses headings and titles
  • The website colors have sufficient contrast
  • The website is easy to navigate
  • The website does not use PDF documents
  • Videos are captioned

There is more involved with the coding of your website. This list is just the basics.

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