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Business Websites: Small Businesses Need Quality Websites!

Are websites affordable?

If your business is going to thrive in this economy, it must be on the Internet! We build websites for small businesses that are visually attractive, search engine friendly, and easy to navigate and maintain– at an affordable price! Our websites are designed with long-term business growth in mind.  You can easily add:

  • Photos | Videos | Podcasts
  • New web pages
  • Business blog content

…with just your web browser and an Internet connection.

Business Websites: Small Businesses Need Quality Websites!

Are websites affordable?

If your business is going to thrive in this economy, it must be on the Internet! We build websites for small businesses that are visually attractive, search engine friendly, and easy to navigate and maintain– at an affordable price! Our websites are designed with long-term business growth in mind.  You can easily add:

  • Photos | Videos | Podcasts
  • New web pages
  • Business blog content

…with just your web browser and an Internet connection.

Business Website Packages

Starter Website Package


  • Up to 5 pages
    Additional pages are $175 each
  • On-Page Search Optimization

  • Template WordPress Theme

  • Contact Form (Spam Controlled)

  • Mobile First Design

  • Access to Video Training

Small Business Website Package


Ultimate Website Package


  • Up to 25 Pages
    Additional pages are $175 each
  • Everything in Small Business Website Package

  • **Shopping Cart Up To 20 Products (if needed)

  • **Course Plugin (if needed)

  • **Membership Plugin (if needed)

  • **Event Calendar Plugin (if needed)

  • Access to Video Training

  • 1 Hour of Private Coaching

* For all payment options – The payments will be set up on autopay for three consecutive months. Payments will start when the website is purchased. The website will not go live until the final payment has been made. If the website build exceeds three months, the payments will be completed before the website goes live. Any websites exceeding six months may incur additional charges.

**The cost of a Premium Plugin is not included. They need to be purchased and registered to your domain and are annual charges. Price varies depending on the function and plugin required.

Web Design FAQs

What services does Premium Websites offer apart from website design?2023-08-05T10:13:09-07:00

Along with creating exceptional web designs, Premium Websites offers various other services, including Managed WordPress hosting, ADA compliance tools, WebHub, PremiumSchema, and Google Business Profile setup. We are your one-stop solution for all your digital needs.

How does Premium Websites ensure their sites are user-friendly?2023-08-05T10:09:37-07:00

Our team prioritizes user experience in all our web designs. We focus on intuitive navigation, fast load times, and a responsive design that works seamlessly on all devices. Our goal is to create a website that is visually appealing and easy for your potential customers to use.

Can Premium Websites help with logo design?2023-08-05T10:08:40-07:00

We do not create logos in house. We can refer you to some fantastic graphic designers for any logo work.

Why should I choose Premium Websites over another provider?2023-08-05T10:07:12-07:00

Premium Websites are more than just aesthetically appealing; they blend functionality and design excellence. Our premium sites are crafted to provide a user-friendly experience, ensuring potential customers can easily navigate your offerings and services.

What makes Premium Websites designs stand out?2023-08-05T10:36:40-07:00

Our premium website designs are customized to highlight the unique features of your business. We believe that your website should truly reflect your brand, and we strive to incorporate elements that make you stand out from the competition.

What makes Premium Websites LLC different from other web design companies?2023-08-05T10:05:32-07:00

Premium Websites LLC stands out because it creates premium, customized websites that cater to a business’s unique needs and goals. They offer a range of services that take care of every aspect of web design, from initial planning to final launch, making them a one-stop shop for businesses looking to establish a strong online presence.

What is the process like working with Premium Websites LLC?2023-08-05T10:04:26-07:00

The process includes a planning session via Zoom to discuss your goals, a thorough design process considering all design elements, SEO and structural optimization, and a focus on accessibility and user-friendly navigation.

Who can benefit from Premium Websites LLC’s services?2023-08-05T10:03:23-07:00

Any business, from solopreneurs to small businesses seeking a powerful online presence, can benefit from Premium Websites LLC’s services. Whether you’re looking to launch a service-based website, a blog, or a business website, Premium Websites LLC can deliver a premium, user-friendly, and SEO-optimized site to meet your needs.

What services does Premium Websites LLC offer?2023-08-05T10:01:45-07:00
What is Premium Websites LLC?2023-08-05T09:46:51-07:00

Premium Websites LLC is a web design and development company located in Vancouver, WA. They specialize in providing premium web design services, managed WordPress hosting, ADA compliance tools, Search Engine Optimization, and Google Business Profile assistance.

Will My New Website Rank Well?2023-06-25T15:18:50-07:00

Top Search Engine Placement for a New Website

A new website will take a while to get top search engine placement. It might never happen if you do not keep adding to your website. High search engine ranking depends on many different things. Some of the ranking signals on a website are:

  • Is there enough content on each page to let search engines know what the page is about?
  • Does your web page contain headers, sub-headers, lists, paragraphs, well placed keywords, images, video and meta data?
  • Is your website organized in a way that is search engine friendly?
  • Are you adding content to your website regularly?
What will I expect to pay for web design?2023-06-25T15:26:38-07:00

We create websites for small businesses. Premium Websites offers web design packages that most small businesses will fit into. We can customize the package if you need a specific function or feature. Our packages start at $1895 and go up to $5595. Most websites that we create here in Vancouver, WA, will fit into one of those packages.

We do offer a 3-month payment plan for businesses that need it. The website will not go live until the payment plan is completed.

Why hire Premium Websites instead of a Freelancer?

Great question. Freelancers come and go. They are usually just making ends meet until they find the job they are looking for. Often, if you want to connect with them for changes in the future, they are no longer creating websites. They have disappeared or won’t return your call or email. I get many clients from people who have used freelancers in the past.

Why should I choose you for web design?2022-05-17T15:47:07-07:00

Dotty Scott Website Designer Vancouver WAPremium Websites has been designing websites since 2006. We started with hard-coding websites. Every website was coded with HTML and CSS. This was before website creation software worked.

We converted to designing in WordPress when blogging became a reality for the average person. WordPress is now a complete content management system that can be optimized for excellent search engine placement.

Dotty has experience in what works for small businesses. She is a small business and tests everything with her company before ever using it for clients. She knows what works and what does not (or what no longer works) because she has tried it herself first.

Dotty is an advocate for your success Online. She has your back!

Dotty is transparent with her website packages and pricing. You will know the exact cost of your website project before work ever begins. There will be no surprises! This is rare in the Website Design industry.

Pricing is clearly marked – everyone gets the same pricing. Some website design firms make more affluent businesses pay more, which seems unethical. You can rest assured that you are paying for the functions your website needs, not based upon how much money you can afford.

If you want an honest conversation about website costs, functions, and any other website topics, give Dotty a call! 360-607-4767

Who creates the content for my website?2023-06-25T15:38:37-07:00


You are 100% responsible for the content of your website.  This means all text, images, and video.  You must also own the copyright for the content.  That means you cannot copy from other websites or steal images from other websites.  Photos must be purchased from a stock images company or photographer or the pictures you took with your camera or cell phone.  You will be the one that will be sued for copyright infringement if you use an image that you do not have the right to use.

I do not create content.  I will reformat the content you provide based on my knowledge of search engine optimization techniques.  However, you must provide the content initially.

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How long will it take to complete my website?2022-02-05T14:44:32-08:00

This usually depends on the client.  The biggest thing that holds up the website completion date is content. I can get a site up within three weeks of starting the project, yet this rarely occurs.  I usually have to wait for the content to be created and submitted.  I have clients that get their website up and running within a month, and I have clients that have waited over a year to complete the website.  It is really up to you.

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How can Social Media help my website?2021-12-05T12:12:10-08:00

Search Engines like social Media sites. Your business profile will be ranked in a search engine as a web page. Having many different profiles linked to your website will give you a massive advantage over a competitor not using this strategy. Other benefits are;  it helps your business build trust and credibility online, which is very hard to gain with just a website. It also gives your potential clients many different ways to find you or your business, increasing their chances of getting to your website.

I have had clients contact me through Facebook – they prefer that method over email or phone.  Meet your clients where they are comfortable.  The more social media sites you have profiles on, your website and business will perform better.  Don’t feel like you need to fully participate on every social media site; you do not.

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What is Social Media?2023-06-25T15:40:36-07:00

Social Media encompasses many different sites. Any site that is interactive with the user can be considered social media. They can range from video and photo sharing sites, blogs, microblogs like Twitter, social sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, bookmarking sites like Digg and Delicious, or any industry-specific websites. Social Media sites help build brand recognition, reputation, credibility, and links to your website.

The recommended minimum Social Media site are:

  • Google My Business
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

If you want more results, add:

  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Any industry-specific sites

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How long before my website gets indexed in the search engines?2023-08-05T10:42:39-07:00

This depends entirely on when the search engines send out their web crawlers or spiders to index your site. This can take one week or two months! We help the process along by submitting your sitemap through Google Search Console. This lets them know you would like to be added to their queue for indexing.  Using Google Search Console helps get your site indexed within days of its launch.

What is Website Maintenance?

What is website maintenance?2021-12-05T10:52:07-08:00

Maintenance is updating a website once the initial design phase has been completed. We offer maintenance on an hourly basis. Most good websites have new content updated regularly. Fresh content is what will keep your visitors coming back.  Maintenance can also be:

  • Keeping all plugins and the core WordPress files updated (Included with our hosting)
  • Keeping content on the site current ~ employees come and go ~ is your Staff page updated?
  • Troubleshooting any issues
  • Adding or deleting images
  • General changes to your website

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