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Facebook Ads Research

I heard a news article this morning on OPB . Here is a replay of the article – the hidden costs of advertising in social media.

According to this research businesses see an immediate 5% increase in sales for products advertised in social media.  That is a great ROI for a social media ad spend.  However the future pitfall happens when companies then annoy the person that purchased with future offers.  The research found a large number of unfollows by these same people a some point in the future after they purchased.  That means they wont see future ads from this same company.

Is there a balance between enticing someone to purchase and annoying them which causes negative interaction with the brand?

I am curious:

  • Do you like ads in Facebook?
  • Have you ever purchased from an ad in Facebook?
  • Do you like Re-targeting?
  • Do you like Re-Marketing?

What is Re-targeting?

Facebook AdvertisingRe-targeting is when someone visits a website and is looking at purchasing a product or service.  They might even add it into a shopping cart – or just look at it on the website. Then they leave the website without completing the purchase.  At some point in the near future they are on Facebook and they see the exact same product or service as an ad in their newsfeed. Clicking the ad brings them back to the website where they were considering making the purchase.

What is Re-Marketing?

Re-marketing is when someone makes a purchase from a website (or ad) and then that company keeps showing more products that are either related to the product purchased or “go with” or “others purchased” the product.  The hope is that you will purchase more from that company.

Do you find these tactics annoying when using a platform like Facebook?

Do you appreciate these marketing tactics – are they useful to you?

Inquiring minds want to know…

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