What Is the Best Tool For Video Captions?

Zubtitle: The Best Video Caption Tool

What makes Zubtitle the best video caption tool?

I have searched far and wide to find a video captioning tool that is worth using. Most of them are very inaccurate and hard to adjust. I have tried many with great disappointment.

Zubtitle is different! It uses Artificial Intelligence to add the captions to your videos. It is fairly accurate and easy to adjust. On a 3 min video it usually takes me about 5 min to read through the captions and make any spelling or punctuation corrections.

I can also change the color of the text and/or the color of the background that the text sits on. I can also change the font style and size as well as the placement of the font on the video.

Want to know what is SUPER COOL about Zubtitle?

Zubtitle has several very cool features.

  • Add your logo to the video. This means you do not need to use a complicated video editing software to add your logo. It is super easy in Zubtitle. Simply upload your logo, place it on the video, and drag it to the desired location. Resize options are also available.
  • Reformat your video. I LOVE this feature. Have you ever created a horizontal video, then realized square is a better format? Or you want to use an existing video as an Instagram Story and it needs to be vertical? Zubtitle will create horizontal, square, and vertical videos from the same video footage. You will never have to reshoot a video because it is in the wrong format. Zubtitle also resizes your captions according to video shape.
  • When you are done editing your video captions, download the created text file. I use this text file as my YouTube video description as well as a start for any blog post that goes with the video. Why retype anything? they give you the text!
  • Download the .srt file. What is an srt file? This is the text with your timing for the video. It is what other program use for Closed Captions. If you do not want captions to show at all times on your video, you can upload the non-captioned video and the srt file to get Closed Captions.
  • Headlines can be added to your video. They can also be styled with several font options, font colors, and placement on your video.

As you can see, Zubtitle is more than just adding captions to you videos. They take videos up to 20 minutes long. This is the prefect video tool for any business owners video needs.

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