Facebook Games drive me nuts!

As a business owner, I like to use Facebook for business and I hate the Game side.  My personal activities do not belong on Facebook.  If you also feel this way,  here is how you can get rid of the Game Notifications.  Once you do this then that game will never bother you again.  The drawback is it needs to be done for every game that people invite you to play.  I will ignore the invites then go into my Notifications and do this for all of them at one time.  After a while you will notice a huge drop in Game Invites (because you do not see them anymore – not because people quit inviting).  In fact, I had to look back almost 1 month to find the one I used for this demonstration.

How to Turn Off Facebook Games

Facebook Games

This is a 4 Step process.

  1. Go to your Facebook account and click on the Notifications icon on the top.
  2. Click the See All in the Notifications box.
  3. Find the Game Notification and click the “X”.
  4. Click the Turn Off

You are done – very easy process.  Do this for every different Game Notification in your Notifications and you will find fewer and fewer game invites over time.