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Managed WordPress Hosting

Worry-Free WordPress Hosting

  • Never worry about your website getting hacked.
  • Never worry about your website going down with a virus or trojan.
  • Never worry about your website showing porn, some foreign language, or not having your information anymore.
  • If ANYTHING happens to your website, contact ME, and get it fixed for free.

Not all hosting is equal.

When you host with Premium Websites, you get ME on your side, keeping you up, working, and always looking out for your best interests.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Worry-Free WordPress Hosting

  • Never worry about your website getting hacked.
  • Never worry about your website going down with a virus or trojan.
  • Never worry about your website showing porn, some foreign language, or not having your information anymore.
  • If ANYTHING happens to your website, contact ME, and get it fixed for free.

Not all hosting is equal.

When you host with Premium Websites, you get ME on your side, keeping you up, working, and always looking out for your best interests.

We offer 3 Managed Hosting packages…

to keep your WordPress website safe and secure. Both packages include an SSL Certificate.

Small Business Hosting


  • Malware Removal when Hacked & Daily Malware Scan
    $499 per year value

  • Website Migrated from Your Old Host
    Up to $300 value

  • CloudFlare CDN Integrated

    $2400 per year value

  • Free SSL
    Up to $200 per year value

  • Managed WordPress Optimized Hosting
    $275 per year value

  • Nightly Backups Stored for 60 Days
    $60 per year value

  • Server Side Caching
    $50 per year value
  • Testing Environment Included
    (also known as Staging)
    $84 per year value

  • Total Annual Value $3868

    Your cost is $75 per month or $750 per year!

    What a DEAL!

Premium Hosting


  • Everything Included In Small Business Hosting
    $3868 per year value

  • Weekly Core WordPress, Theme, & Plugin Updates
    $1050 per year value

  • ADA Compliance Tools Included
    $144 per year value

  • AskDotty Membership
    $468 per year value
    Education and training on Digital Technology

  • Total Annual Value $5530

    Your cost is $155 per month or $1550 per year!

    What a DEAL!

AskDotty Premium Membership 39

Ecommerce Hosting


  • Everything Included In Small Business Hosting
    $3868 per year value

  • Ecom Tools for WooCommerce – EverCache, ElasticPress, Live Cart

    $4800 per year value

  • Weekly Core WordPress, Theme, & Plugin Updates
    $1050 per year value

  • Page Speed Boost for E-commerce Websites

    $240 per year value

  • Total Annual Value $9958

    Your cost is $175 per month or $1750 per year!

    What a DEAL!

Is your website slow?

Why Get Hosting from Dotty at Premium Websites?

Because you get ME for NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

When you purchase one of my Hosting Packages, you not only get quality hosting, but you get me. That won’t mean a lot until there is a problem – and it will come! I am your contact point; then I deal with the problem – for no charge. It is included in your hosting package! You will never deal with support directly.

Here is a great point – since offering Managed WordPress Hosting, I have had the hosting company contact me on several occasions on behalf of a client. They noticed a problem before the client did! They told me what to do, I did it, and then they fixed the problem. The client never even knew there was a problem until it was already fixed! 

Another huge bonus – when the server gets an upgrade, all the hosting clients get that upgrade automatically and at no extra charge!

Types of Hosting

In the world of web hosting, there are up to eight different hosting options available. I’m going to address three of the most common that small business owners use:

Managed WordPress Hosting: This is a specific hosting setup for WordPress websites. The servers are optimized to run WordPress. They offer higher security, faster load times, and automated functions like daily backups. This is the hosting I now use and provide to all my clients.

Shared Hosting: This is what most small business owners have. It is the cheapest type of hosting. It is offered at all hosting companies like Godaddy, Bluehost, Network Solutions, Hostgator, etc. This type of hosting is shared with thousands of other websites on the same server. You have no control over who is on the server. If another site on that server gets infected with a virus, it is way more likely that your site will also become infected.

I used shared hosting for many years.

Like I discovered with my website, your website will struggle with resources and speed while using shared hosting.   I have also had issues with my website loading slow both on mobile and desktop, security issues, and uptime issues. I have discovered that all of these issues are related to shared hosting and not my website directly. Over the years, I have used various plugins to resolve these issues, and I have had some success, but not the results I would like.

Dedicated Hosting: This is for massive websites. The business will purchase their server, and their website is the only one on that server. In comparison, this is very expensive. The company usually has an IT department responsible for keeping the server working properly, keeping it secure, and keeping the website virus-free.

Website hosting can be the reason your website is loading slow, which negatively affects your website rankings. 

Insecure hosting can lead to websites that get hacked.

Don’t fall victim.

Not all hosting accounts are equal – website performance starts at the hosting level.

I have struggled with the speed of my website for years. I finally chose to leave shared hosting and use the Managed WordPress hosting (the same service I am offering here). My load speed went from 13 seconds to 2 seconds! That is the difference between someone leaving my website because it loads too slow vs. reading my website.

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Web Hosting FAQs

Who Purchases My Domain?2024-02-03T17:27:27-08:00

Why can’t my website designer purchase my domain for me?

Purchasing and owning your domain name are critical aspects of establishing and maintaining your online presence. While it might seem convenient to have your website designer or another third party purchase your domain on your behalf, doing so can lead to significant issues. Here’s why you must purchase your domain yourself:

  • Ownership and Control: The individual or entity whose name is on the account used to purchase the domain is considered the domain’s legal owner. If your website designer buys the domain under their account, they technically own it, not you. This ownership gives them control over the domain, including the ability to renew, transfer, or sell it without your consent.

  • Potential for Future Complications: Allowing someone else to own your domain can lead to complications if your relationship with that person changes or if they become unreachable due to retirement, relocation, illness, or death. If the person who owns your domain becomes unresponsive or unwilling to cooperate, you may be unable to make necessary changes to your website or, in worst-case scenarios, lose access to your website altogether.

  • Rebuilding on a New Domain: If you lose access to your domain because someone else owns it and you can’t regain control, you may be forced to start over with a new domain. This situation is far from ideal, as it means losing the brand recognition, SEO ranking, and credibility you’ve built up with your original domain. Starting over with a new domain can be costly, time-consuming, and damaging to your online presence.

  • Protecting Your Investment: Your domain name is a valuable asset and an integral part of your brand’s identity online. Purchasing the domain yourself ensures you have complete control over this asset. Owning your domain allows you to manage it as you see fit, including transferring it to a different hosting provider or selling it if you choose to.

Best Practices for Domain Purchase and Management:

  • Register the Domain Yourself: Use a reputable domain registrar to purchase your domain. Ensure that the domain is registered in your name or your business’s legal name, with your contact information.

  • Keep Your Registration Information Secure: Ensure that your account with the domain registrar is secured with a strong password and, if available, two-factor authentication. Keep your contact information up to date to receive timely notifications about your domain.

  • Maintain Access to Your Domain: Regularly log in to your domain registrar account to check your domain’s status, renew your registration before it expires, and make any necessary updates to your domain settings.

By purchasing and managing your domain directly, you protect your online brand and maintain control over a crucial part of your digital presence. This proactive approach safeguards against potential future disputes or complications, ensuring that your website remains securely under your control.

Does Premium Websites, Inc. have to host my site?2024-02-04T12:52:48-08:00

Hosting Options with Premium Websites, Inc.

While Premium Websites, Inc. doesn’t need to host your website, it is strongly recommended. Here’s why choosing Managed WordPress hosting through Premium Websites, Inc. could be beneficial for your site:

Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting

  • Tailored Configuration: The hosting account is specifically configured for your website’s needs, ensuring optimal performance and functionality.
  • Regular Updates: Premium Websites, Inc. takes responsibility for updating your site’s plugins, theme files, and core WordPress files, keeping your site secure and running smoothly.
  • Enhanced Security and Speed: Managed hosting typically offers better security measures and faster loading times than shared hosting options, reducing the risk of hacking and improving user experience.

Considerations for Shared Hosting

  • Vulnerability Risks: Websites on shared hosting are more susceptible to hacking and other security threats due to the shared environment.
  • Hosting Recommendations: If you’re considering other hosting options, Premium Websites, Inc. can recommend providers known for their compatibility with WordPress and reliable customer support. However, it’s essential to be cautious with specific popular hosts that may not offer the best experience for WordPress users.

Recommended and Not Recommended Hosts

  • Recommended: Hostgator and Bluehost are highlighted as suitable for WordPress hosting, thanks to their use of Cpanel and overall compatibility with WordPress.
  • Not Recommended: Some hosts, including Godaddy, iPage, Dreamhost, and Network Solutions, are advised against due to poor WordPress compatibility or challenging customer service experiences.

Making the Right Hosting Choice

Choosing the right hosting provider is crucial for your website’s success. If you haven’t selected a host yet, Premium Websites, Inc. is ready to assist you in making an informed decision that aligns with your website’s needs and goals.

In summary, while you can choose any hosting provider, opting for Managed WordPress hosting through Premium Websites, Inc. offers significant advantages in terms of security, performance, and ease of maintenance. However, should you decide to explore other hosting options, guidance is available to ensure you select a provider that meets your website’s requirements.

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What is web hosting?2024-02-04T12:57:41-08:00

Understanding Web Hosting

Web hosting is a crucial service that makes your website accessible online. Here’s a breakdown of what web hosting involves and why it’s essential for your online presence:

The Role of a Hosting Company

  • File Storage: A hosting company stores all your website’s files on its servers. This includes everything from your site’s code and images to databases and applications. Without hosting, your website would not be accessible to users online.
  • Uptime Guarantee: Reputable hosting providers aim to ensure your website is available and running smoothly at least 99.9% of the time. This reliability is crucial for maintaining a professional online presence and ensuring users can access your site whenever they need it.
  • Speed and Performance: Good hosting companies have the necessary infrastructure to provide fast access to your website, ensuring pages load quickly. Speed is a critical factor in user experience and can significantly impact your site’s search engine rankings.

Hosting Costs

  • Annual Fees: Hosting services are typically charged every year. This fee covers the cost of storing your website files and making them accessible to users around the clock.

Choosing the Right Hosting Provider

  • Compatibility with WordPress: Not all hosting providers are optimized for WordPress, the most popular content management system. Choosing a host that specializes in WordPress can lead to better site performance and easier management.
  • Shared vs. Dedicated Hosting: Many providers offer cheap shared hosting, where your website shares server resources with other websites. While affordable, shared hosting can sometimes lead to slower site performance, especially if other sites on the same server experience high traffic. On the other hand, dedicated hosting provides your site with its own server resources, offering better performance and security but at a higher cost.
  • Security Concerns: The security of your website partly depends on your hosting provider. Sharing a server with sites engaged in questionable activities can threaten your site’s security and reputation. Choosing a hosting provider known for its robust security measures is essential.


Web hosting is a foundational element of having an online presence. Selecting a hosting provider that offers reliable performance, robust security, and compatibility with your website’s platform, such as WordPress, is vital. While hosting costs are significant, investing in a reputable hosting service can significantly contribute to your website’s success by ensuring it is always accessible, fast, and secure.

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Should I get my own domain name?2024-02-03T17:31:45-08:00

Deciding whether to register your own domain name depends significantly on your intentions for its use and the goals you wish to achieve through your online presence. Here are some considerations to help you make an informed decision:

  • Professionalism and Brand Recognition: If you’re running a business or building a personal brand, having your own domain name is crucial. It not only enhances your professional image but also contributes to brand recognition. Emails sent from a custom domain (e.g., appear more professional and credible than those sent from a generic, free email service (e.g., A unique domain name helps establish trust and professionalism in your interactions with customers and clients.
  • Online Identity: Owning your domain gives you a distinct online identity and can be the foundation of your digital footprint. Whether promoting services, selling products, blogging, or showcasing a portfolio, a custom domain name makes it easier for people to find and remember you online; it’s an essential tool for marketing and SEO, helping you stand out in a crowded digital landscape.
  • Control and Flexibility: With your own domain, you have greater control over your online presence. You can choose the hosting provider that best suits your needs, design your website without the limitations imposed by free platforms, and create custom email addresses. This control extends to moving your site to another host without losing your domain-based email addresses or changing your website’s URL.
  • For Personal Use: If your website is intended for non-commercial use, such as sharing updates with family and friends or documenting a personal project, you might not need your own domain name. In these cases, a free subdomain from platforms like can be a suitable and cost-effective option. These platforms offer the tools you need to create and share your content without the investment in a custom domain.
  • Long-Term Considerations: Even if your current needs are modest, consider your long-term goals. Registering a domain name is an affordable way to secure your online brand and identity before someone else claims it. Your domain can become invaluable as your project or business grows.

In summary, registering your domain name is highly recommended to establish a professional, recognizable, and flexible online presence. It’s a small investment that can significantly benefit your brand or personal identity on the internet. However, a free subdomain might suffice for casual or temporary projects with a limited audience.

What is a domain name?2024-02-03T17:18:30-08:00

A domain name serves as your unique address on the World Wide Web, enabling users to easily access your website. It’s the specific string of characters you enter into a web browser’s address bar to visit a website. For example, Premium Websites, Inc.’s domain name is, which directs you to their website. The prefix www (which stands for World Wide Web) used to be a common component of web addresses but is no longer necessary. Whether you type or simply, you will be directed to the same site.

Key Points About Domain Names:

  • Uniqueness: Each domain name is unique, ensuring every website can be distinctly identified online. This uniqueness means that once you register a domain name, no one else can register the same name as long as you continue to renew it.
  • Registration: Domain names are registered through domain registrars, companies accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) or a national ccTLD authority. Popular registrars include GoDaddy, Namecheap, and CloudFlare.
  • Ownership: You must register your domain name under your name or your business’s legal name. Ownership of the domain name is determined by who is listed as the registrant in the domain’s registration record. Allowing someone else, such as a friend or web designer, to register your domain name under their name can lead to ownership disputes and potential loss of control of your domain name.
  • Renewal: Domain names are purchased for a specific period, typically one to ten years. They must be renewed before the registration period ends to ensure you retain ownership and control over the domain. Failure to renew a domain name can make it available for others to register.
  • Importance for Your Business: A domain name is not just a technical shortcut. A short, memorable domain name can significantly impact your brand’s marketing and online presence, making it easier for customers to find and remember your website.

In summary, a domain name is critical to your online identity. It is the address that customers and visitors use to find your website on the Internet. Ensuring that you personally register and maintain control over your domain name is essential for safeguarding your online presence and brand identity.

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