Ever wanted to get more people to see a specific Facebook Post?

Now you can with Promoted Posts!

Are Facebook Promoted Posts for you?

Are you posting Call to Action items on your Page?  Do you want more Sales or Page Engagement?

When you make a Facebook Post now you have the option to Promote the post.  The option stays for 3 days after the post was created.  The cost is between $5.00 – $15.00 per post and it is promoted for 3 days.  At least this is what I have observed.  Facebook claims the costs varies depending on your location and how many people you want to reach.  You can choose $5.00, $10.00, or $15.00 here in Vancouver.  I have read articles stating it costs $7.00 so it must vary by location.

I have done a very limited test of Promoted Posts and have determined that more people do see the post which should lead to more clicks on the link or more comments and interaction.  Will it lead to more sales – that depends on the post itself and if it is engaging enough to generate the sales or engagement.

Here is a list of the types of posts that Facebook thinks would make good promoted posts:

  • Photos or Videos
  • Offers
  • Exclusive Events or News
  • Questions

I personally think that the types of posts to promote are the ones that have a Call To Action.  That action can lead to a sale or to engagement on your Page.  Both are worth paying for at some level.  Here are some screen shots of the last post I promoted.

Promoted Facebook Posts

As you can see more people do see the  posts.

Promoted Facebook Posts

Organic, Viral, and Paid Views

You can also see the breakdown of number of views by Organic, Viral, and Paid. Weather Facebook Promoted Posts are a great ideas for your business is up to you.  It is worth at least giving it a try the next time you are promoting an:

  • Event
  • Class
  • Workshop
  • Special
  • Sale

The worst that can happen is nothing and you loose $10.00 – the best is that you gain sales you would not have had without the promotion.  Sounds a lot like advertising in any medium!

Who Sees these Promoted Posts?

You have a choice of just your Fans or Friends of your Fans.  I choose Friends of my Fans since that will get exposure to more people as well as people that I do not already know.  Might gain more Fans this way as well.

I would love to hear about any results you might have had with Promoted Posts!  Please share in the comments below.

Are you advertising for your competitors in Facebook?