Facebook Now Allows Verified Pages

Verified Facebook Pages

What is a verified Facebook page?

A few months ago Facebook came out with a method to verify your business page.  Facebook says there are 2 main benefits of verifying your page:

  1. It lets consumers know that this is the authentic page for that business.  Facebook knows that there are a lot of abandoned pages on their system.  When a user comes to a page with either a blue or grey check mark (like the image to the right) then this is the page that the business is actually using.
  2. Facebook has said they will give search weight to verified pages.  This means if your competitors page is verified and yours is not, they will show higher in the search results.

Page verification is easy

There are just a few steps to getting your page verified.

  1. Go to your page
  2. Go into the Settings tab in the upper right of the page
  3. On the General tab of settings look for Page Verification (on mine it is the third one down the page)
  4. Click the Edit link
  5. Click the Verify the Page link
  6. Enter the business phone number
  7. Get a code from the automated call
  8. Enter the code on the page
  9. Save

Anyone can do this for their business page, and the search results benefit makes it worth the less than 5 minutes it will take.

Why is the Verify Page link not showing?

Not all pages qualify to be verified.  Your page needs to be in the right categories, Local Business or Companies and Organizations.  Your page must have a Cover photo and a Profile photo and it needs to have a physical address. You also need to have your page linked to your website and have you r website linked to your page.  A link from your personal profile on Facebook to your page is also necessary.

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