Video and Written Reviews for Premium Websites and Dotty

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Video reviews live forever on my website, Vimeo, and my YouTube channel. They show up on search result pages which helps future clients see them prominently. Some people have told me they watched my video reviews and did not even go to my website. This is an excellent opportunity for future clients to feel comfortable and confident calling us for their website project.

Video and Written Reviews for Premium Websites and Dotty

We love our clients and appreciate the time and effort it takes to leave a video review! If you would like to create a review in a video format, just let us know. Some of the possibilities are:

  • Zoom recording
  • Facebook Live
  • Recording from your computer video camera
  • Using your phone

Video reviews live forever on my website, Vimeo, and my YouTube channel. They show up on search result pages which helps future clients see them prominently. Some people have told me they watched my video reviews and did not even go to my website. This is an excellent opportunity for future clients to feel comfortable and confident calling us for their website project.

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Client review by Donna Saladin

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Deb Walker Review for Dotty and Premium Websites
Dr. Blessley Testimonial for dotty and Premium Websites

I made my first sale!

I needed someone to finish building my website. I decided to contact Premium Websites because I saw that they are local.  Dotty was attentive, helpful, and thorough, and my site was up and running within a few days. I have already received my first orders. Thank you, Dotty and Premium Websites!

Sharon Spence

Garage Dyeworks

Sharon Spence, Garage Dyeworks
Jon Drury, author

Dotty was a huge help…

when I had a new book come into print, my do-it-yourself website needed to be redone. The site looked incredible and included features Dotty recommended. She included podcasts heard by over 40,000 and a video interview.

Having another book come into print, she has again found a great solution to connecting with my readers. Most recently, being interviewed by an Oregon coast magazine, the editor found tremendous and helpful material on my site.

Thanks, Dotty.

Jon Drury, Author

My Website Brings Me New Clients

I never had a website because I could not think of a design. Dotty created the perfect design for my Massage business, and the site is very professional. She made my logo and helped me stand out in a crowd of other Massage Therapists. She tied all of my business materials together, so I have a consistent look for all my business and marketing items. She is very efficient and accommodating. I am now getting highly qualified leads, and my website is bringing me new business every week. Dotty at Premium Websites, Inc. has helped my business to grow.

Julie Wirta

Julie Wirta Massage

Someone Else Took My Money

I contacted Dotty to create my website after someone else took my money without doing the work I hired them to do.

Trusted friends recommended Dotty to me and I wish I had contacted her first!

She brought my website to life with a beautiful layout and it was so easy to work with her. She is professional and promptly puts everything together for me. I will definitely refer Dotty to any of my friends and colleagues who need a professional website!

Angela Nelson

Active Website that Generates Business

Dotty was recommended to me by a friend to help me develop a website for my 24-year-old business. As a computer illiterate person, I knew going in that Dotty had her work cut out for her. She patiently waited until I understood her computer language. I now have an active website that has already generated some business. Thanks to Dotty, everything worked out as advertised!

John Pederson

Expert at Social Blogging

I’ve personally worked with Dotty on several projects. She is an EXPERT at social blogging and promoting company websites. She is also really approachable and open to ideas and has tremendous people skills, from web ideas to actual working concepts. I think you couldn’t find a more personable and professional webmaster. She has also won many awards promoting the Fort Vancouver Lions website and writes our monthly newsletter. SHE IS A GEM, and you would be lucky to have her on your projects. Talk about a go-getter.

Adam Hegewald

Fort Vancouver Lions

Knowledgeable Website Designer

Stockton & Associates, PC needed someone to take an active role in helping us monitor & manage our website. We also needed someone who could bring us new ideas and designs to keep our accounting firms’ websites attractive and efficient.

Dotty at Premium Websites has provided us with everything we needed and hoped for. Not only have we found someone very knowledgeable in troubleshooting and design, but we also now have someone who understands our needs and listens to our concerns.

Dotty has also provided personal training with our site management, which is essential. Along with her training, Dotty has something unique: online training videos that are simple and comprehensive. If you would like someone to provide these excellent qualities for you and your company as we have experienced, I highly recommend you contact Dotty with Premium Websites.

Greg Stockton

Stockton & Associates

Skillfully Developed Website

We have been delighted with Dotty’s service. She took our concept for a website and skillfully developed it within our projected budget. We now have a very functional website that serves our online needs well. Dotty is very proficient in what she does, easy to get in touch with when needed, and prompt in responding to our questions or concerns. We are happy to endorse Dotty of Premium Websites.

Lynn Lagore

Redesign Outdated Website

We initially contracted with Dotty to redesign our outdated website.  We had many good conversations with her during that process, and our overall experience of her help with our website led us to want to continue benefiting from her expertise.  So we signed up for her AskDotty Online Training program.  As a result, we get access to all her training videos, and we have a monthly conversation with her to get our questions answered, among other benefits.  We’ve been delighted with everything we’ve gotten from Dotty.  Her style is warm and friendly; she’s always been able to get us the information we need and has consistently helped us stay on the right track to meet our internet goals.  We recommend her without reservation.

Tim and Shawn Crisswell

My Go-To Place for Websites Work

Premium Websites are my go-to place for website work. Dotty has always been the best to deal with. With the phone books being of no use anymore, it is more important to make a great website. This allows you to tell your potential customers everything they need to know so they will select you. Premium Websites should be the call to make to get that perfect website. Dotty has not only helped me build a great site on time, and at budget, she showed me how to make changes myself so that I can add new content as needed. Thank you, Dotty.

Mike Hertz

Blogging Has Impacted My Business

I just wanted to share with you how blogging has impacted my business.  I’m getting new clients every day…it’s fantastic.  I’m so happy with the results.  Thank you for your guidance.  It’s made a world of difference.

Deb Walker

I Found Dotty on Yelp

I found Dotty on Yelp and contacted her because she had good reviews.  We needed to update our website and don’t know how that works, moving things over, etc., but we knew what we wanted and what we didn’t.  Meeting with Dotty, she fleshed out those pieces and designed a website for us that worked; professional, great colors, and functionality that gave us some flexibility to manage it ourselves.

She was personable and friendly, technically savvy, but put it all into language we understood.  She has blogs and tutorials to help us along the way now that the website is up and running, and she is VERY responsive when I contact her through email or on the phone.

I feel like we have a partner in Dotty, and I can’t say enough good things about her and what she does.  You won’t go wrong in working with Dotty.

Jennifer Ott

Google Presentation

All I can say is WOW! Dotty is awesome! I wish we could have had more time with her; the presentation was spectacular; I learned a lot and want to learn more!

Robert Groves

Fantastic Presentation

This was a fantastic presentation. Dotty wanted us to at least come away with one thing to implement, but wow, I have a whole list of valuable things I want to work on for my business. Thanks for sharing such excellent information, Dotty!

Renee Trump

Went the Extra Mile to Help Me

Dotty is terrific – she went the extra mile to help me; she is consistently clear in her explanations.  She redesigned my website, optimizing it for mobile devices, and I am thrilled with the results.  I highly recommend Premium Websites, Inc. Vancouver WA if you need/want a website update, design, or re-design.

Miss Irene

Elena Rose Photography

Local Web Designer

I have a few words for this business and its owner Dotty:

1)   LOCAL this means when you need her, she is there for you!
2)   REASONABLE who doesn’t need/love this?!
5)   SMART, CREATIVE & UP TO DATE – she can help your web become a serious competitor (the rest is your jobs). In a good way, competition has made our world a better world today.

***I am glad I met you!!!


Dotty Worked with Me as I Created My Website

Dotty Scott and Premium Websites know their stuff!  Dotty worked with me as I created my site… I got frustrated, procrastinated, delayed, etc.  She took what I had, encouraged me to keep writing, and she would do the technical.  It worked!  My site was “born,” and she made it happen, almost effortlessly – at least from my side.  It was a delight to work with Dotty.  Her soft-spoken manner was not the least bit intimidating, and she made her points without too much fuss!  I loved working with Premium Websites.  Yay Dotty!

Mary Jane Charles


Social Media Guru

I call Dotty my social media guru. She is amazing. Period. She had helped me become a better marketer and communicator for my clients. It’s been a long road because social media is so huge, growing, and ever-changing, but Dotty patiently worked with me, even answering my emails late at night. I highly recommend her!

Dawn Vroom

Wanting a Great Website?

I was referred to Dotty after previously having a bit of a website nightmare.  Not only did Dotty get my website done quickly, but she was an absolute joy to work with.  After just a few quick conversations and her understanding of my business, she was able to create a website I’m proud to show off!  Dotty was quick to share problems in my previous site that affected my SEO and followed up to make sure that everything was running correctly.

I appreciate Dotty’s expertise, knowledge, and hard work on my website.  I would recommend Dotty and her services to anyone wanting a great website.

From now on, Dotty will be my go-to source for any of my website + SEO help.

Thank you, Dotty!

Mallory Sills

Professional, Knowledgeable, Responsive

Dotty is professional, knowledgeable, responsive, and thorough!  She fixed some severe hacking problems with my website and was prompt, accurate, and tremendously helpful.  It is challenging for small business owners to keep up with all the advances and technological changes, so people like Dotty are indispensable for us!  Thank you, Dotty, for your expertise and exceptional customer service!

Ann Vitort

A Series of Aha! Moments | Improve Online Presence

Sitting down with Dotty is a series of “Aha!” moments focused on ways to quickly and easily improve my online presence. Amazingly, she does it all and humbly. I would recommend Dotty to anyone looking for guidance on their website, social networking etiquette, and impact. Plus, it’s clear Dotty genuinely cares about her clients as people and is keen on finding ways to support them and our local economy.

Dana Greyson

Taking Our Business to the Next Level

I manage the website & social media marketing for A-Affordable Bail Bonds.  Dotty and I worked together on taking our business website to the next level.  She was highly professional and knowledgeable.  Her communication skills are excellent, easy to work with.  What is remarkable is that she is always up-to-date on the current and up & coming trends in this high-tech world and conveys that knowledge to you to stay ahead of the game.

If you need help with a personal or business website, need some training, or anything else regarding the use of the internet, Call Dotty at Premium Websites; she is the real deal.

The best thing of all is when your project is all said and done; Dotty isn’t just a colleague but a friend.  Thanks so much, Dotty!

John Kamps

Social Media is Necessary for Success

Dotty has provided me with the resources and information to be confident that I am doing what I can do to grow my business. She continues to provide needed support and direction, increasing my business development. Dotty is abreast of current trends in social media and technology to ensure your business is current with what works in today’s market. She is easy to work with, and I highly recommend her to anyone who desires to exceed in today’s economy. Social Media is necessary to succeed, and without it, you are missing an essential avenue to success.

Gabriele M Smith

Thrilled with the End Result | Website Design Review

Before working with Dotty, I struggled to change my website from an online brochure to a business-generating tool. I was frustrated and wasted a lot of valuable time trying to do something for which I lacked the technical expertise.
Dotty was able to turn my ideas and vision into a reality. She made valuable suggestions for improvement in the design and search engine optimization. Working with Dotty was enjoyable, and I found her extremely patient and responsive to my questions and requests. I’m thrilled with the result of our collaboration and wholeheartedly recommend Dotty and Premium Websites, Inc..

Victoria Cook

Knows Social Networking

Dotty does a great job of creating a website. Her experience and expertise help bring people to your site. She is helpful in other areas, such as blogging and social networking. If you want to use the internet to grow your business, I strongly suggest you speak to her.

Joe Yosso

Online Marketing Coach

“I sought out Dotty when I felt I was struggling and needed direction, and miraculously she was there eager to assist!”
My name is Randa Kassisieh; I am a fellow “Renegade Professional.” After several months of studying the Renegade Professional Platform, I built my website utilizing all the webinars offered in the back office, which gave step-by-step instructions on how to apply the different methods and techniques to achieve an optimized website through WordPress suitable for the net and Google friendly. Dotty had conducted several webinars that dealt with SEO and technical challenges, which she addressed with precision.

I had some issues that were not clear to me, and I contacted Dotty for some assistance. Our conversation was warm and friendly, as if I had known Dotty before. She was very soft-spoken but precise and listened with care. She had clarified issues as far as what direction to take, how to be more focused, what avenues to pursue etc…

After our conversation, I felt truly nurtured and knew what necessary steps needed to be made. Dotty is not just informed with website design and technical issues but is also a well-rounded coach for advancing your marketing strategies and creating traffic to your sites that will ensure positive leads. Dotty’s honesty and professionalism encourage me to recommend her confidently to others.

Randa Kassisieh

Our Attendance Has Doubled

ROCKSOLID “ROCKS” with a new website designed by Premium Websites, Inc.!
ROCKSOLID Community Teen Center is an after-school program for students in the 5th – 12th grade. We are located in the Battle Ground and Hockinson School District. Early in 2008, we contacted Dotty of Premium Websites, Inc. to overhaul our web design. We had a location, but the website was neither attention-getting nor informative. Dotty took care of that for us. She implemented a FUN website with pictures of the Teens that attend the Center and information about the Center for those wishing to come. The website is easy to maneuver and update to keep the public informed of all we are doing at the Center.

Since Dotty updated the website, our attendance has doubled, from approximately 20 attending daily, to now 40 students attending ROCKSOLID

Teen Center daily. When a parent calls to enroll their student, I ask them how they heard of us. More than half say they “googled” after-school programs for youth, and our website came up. They knew it would be a great place to send their kids as they looked at the website.

Not only have we gained more student enrollment, but our volunteer base is up. We have attracted adults wishing to volunteer and students from other schools seeing our website and fulfilling their Community Service requirements for school projects. When I ask them how they heard of us, they say, “We saw your website and thought this looked like a great place to come.” Two college students called me from Georgia who saw us on the internet and decided to write a paper about starting a “Teen Center.”

Most importantly, Dotty is a beautiful person to work with. She is excellent at the work she does and does that work in a friendly, professional manner. We appreciate all the work Dotty did for us!

Nancy Miller

Rare Find in a Website Designer

“We were a new non-profit start-up with minimal finances and currently no web presence. I was connected to Dotty and was very impressed with Dotty’s look for our website.

I knew it was a good website, too, because I had another web design company call back asking for our business, and I told them to check out our new website, and they said it was well constructed. She even recommended other local companies to help get us “off the ground.”

Although we are presently a “passive site,” we will add a video soon! Certainly enjoy working with Dotty; she is one of the rare friendly professionals that you wish you could find more of in the world.”

Sid Richardson

Upgraded My WordPress Website

I’ve wanted to upgrade my WordPress blog to the latest version. However, I was worried about losing what I posted, plus I didn’t have the time to learn all the plug-ins that I needed to add. So for a long time, I didn’t add any new articles and started falling behind.

Then Dotty Scott came to my rescue, and not only did she upgrade my blog, but added the plug-ins and turned my site into a professional website.

I wish I had used Dotty’s service sooner.

Rallie Rallis

Social Media Instruction

Dotty has always received so much praise from people in our networking group, and I just had to see for myself. She came into my office and helped me learn about the E-Networking phenomena that have swept over the business world with a gentle touch. I truly appreciated her gentle approach and patience. I would recommend her to anyone unsure about jumping into the Social Media pool.

Shane Moore

Help with Existing Websites

Dotty and I worked together on my website, and she couldn’t have made it any easier for me. I knew what I wanted as a graphic designer but could not get a website that worked for me. She made it easy and showed me how to manage and make changes myself. Dotty set it up to track visitors, and she suggested a blog with keywords that help search engines as Google find me. I appreciate all her hard work on the project and recommend her to anyone who needs help with an existing site to improve it or a new one! She is a professional and expert in social media marketing as well.

Sheila Strubel

Amazing Knowledge

We are so thankful for Dotty and her professionalism and fantastic knowledge about websites and the fact that she was able to update our website to a more attractive, professional, and fabulous all-around website. We tried to accomplish this with others, but only Dotty could hear us and what we wanted for our website–and then delivered exactly what we were hoping for all along. Thanks so much, Dotty!

Debbie Duka

Higher Ranking in Search Results

Dotty’s work on our website has resulted in higher ranking by the search engines and more viewing by the public – exactly what we wanted. Thanks, Dotty!

Dr. Mark Blessley

Positive Website Creation Experience

Dotty Scott is a professional who delivers. The quality of her work, customer education, and commitment to service made the experience of website creation positive and encouraging. In addition to building great products, she helps her customers understand the critical ‘why’ component of using their media products effectively.

Bill Victor

Award-Winning Website

Dotty is an award-winning web designer. She designed and managed the website for the Fort Vancouver Lions and won the regional award (WA, ID, and British Columbia). If you want your website to make a difference – have her take a look at it!

Susie Rawson