How to stand out above your competition

LinkedIn recently added the ability to upload images to your profile.  There are several sections that will allow for images; and since people a visual let’s give them what they want!  Add images to your profile and start standing out above your competition.  I recently had a client say: “I did not know you were an Award Winning web designer.”  The only reason they know about that was the images I uploaded to LinkedIN. I added images of the various awards my business has won, as well as a few testimonials that I added to images (for use in Pinterest), and some screenshots of websites.


How to add Images to your LinkedIn Profile

  • Log into your LinkedIn profile and be sure you are in Edit mode
  • Look for the Upload File icon upload_file
  • Click Upload File and find the image on your computer
  • Click Upload
  • Add a Title and Description
  • LinkedIn will automatically format the image to the correct size and add it to your layout

The layout is 2 wide on the first row the 3 across the 2nd row then back to 2.  This pattern will keep repeating.

There are several different sections that will allow to upload images – the more you take advantage of this free option the more you will stand out above your competition.

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