How to Schedule Facebook Posts

There are many different programs out there to handle social media scheduling – hootsuite and buffer are two of the most popular.  However it is much easier now that Facebook offers this feature  for their pages.

Why Schedule Social Media Posts?

I find that sitting down and scheduling out posts for the near future saves me a great deal of time.  It also makes you, the business owner, look very organized and on top of things.  It gives your potential clients a great impression of who they will be dealing with when they hire you!

For Facebook this is now an easy task!

  1. Go to your Page and make a post – this can be a status update, image, or video
  2. Click the grey clock in the lower left corner of the posting window
  3. Add your Year, Month, Day, and Hour (you can even add minutes in 10 min increments)
  4. Click Schedule
  5. You are done!

I use this feature when I have several items I want to post, and I want to spread them out over time.  I also use it when I have speaking events, or any other event that has a set date and time.  If I know ahead of time that I want to be adding something to my Facebook Page I will use the scheduling feature.

Scheduling Facebook Posts

Here is another tool: EveryPost