What is Reputation Management?

Reputation ManagementMany businesses think Reputation Marketing is the same as Reputation Management, but it is not. Many businesses also think that managing your reputation Online is something that is done after there is a problem.

At Premium Websites we believe that managing your reputation is something that is done incrementally, every week. It is a proactive activity, not reactive.

Reputation Management activities can include:

  • Asking for Reviews
  • Creating a Social presence at places like Facebook
  • Getting your business listed correctly in all directories
  • Anything you can do Online to create a positive presence

Your Online Reputation is either:

  1. Great: People can find reviews, videos, websites, social media profiles, and many other items about your business Online. You are a steller business and everyone knows it!
  2. Non-existent: You do not have a good or bad reputation – people can’t find information about you or your business so they do not choose to do business with you.
  3. Bad: When people search for you or your business they find bad reviews, negative comments on many websites.

What is Reputation Marketing?

Reputation Marketing is slowly building your Online Reputation with positive reviews, videos, review videos, websites, social media profiles, and other Online activity. It is taking these positive items and using them to market your business.

Your Reputation is what people can find about you Online!

This is what people are saying about you – or what you are saying about you. Both count!  There are things you can do that people will find – videos, profiles, reviews you leave for other businesses, and things you can encourage other people to do for you – leave reviews, engage in posts, leave comments.

We offer many products that can help you market your business reputation.

Review Videos:

These are short videos using a spokesperson template and written reviews from Google, Yelp, or any other review locations Online. These videos are easy to create and take little effort on your part – we just need a background image (high quality), written testimonial – and that is it!