Pinterest is the fastest growing Social Media site

What is Pinterest?  It is a visual social media site.  It allows users to “Pin” images and videos.  The goal of Pinterest for Businesses is to show people a lifestyle.  How do people interact with your brand?  How does your brand improve their lifestyle?  What is the lifestyle of people that use your brand?  These are all valid questions that YOU can answer within Pinterest.  As people discover your Pins they will be introduced to your brand in a visual and emotional way ~ the best form of advertising!

Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is the fastest growing Social Media site; according to Compete.

According to Compete, unique visitors to increased by 155% just in one month, from December 2011 to January 2012.

How are you capitalizing on this Pinterest traffic?

Most of my clients are in the service industry.  Many find it hard to find a way to add visual impact to their brand, and do not see any way to use Pinterest.  Here are a few examples:

  • Showcase the Lifestyle of your brand ~ both at your Company and the lifestyle of the people that use your brand.  The key is visual impact.  If you sell makeup do not just pin images of your makeup, Pin images of how your makeup make women FEEL.  Include the emotional side.
  • Pin Charts, Infographics, and data relevant to your industry.  Instagram is all the rage…how can you use it for your business?  Charts that show trends are also great Pins.
  • Videos are Pinnable as well.  Are you producing How To Videos?  Create a board for them and start Pinning!  Make the title of your board one of your main keyword phrases.
  • Create a board that Fans of your brand can contribute Pins too.  Allowing people to interact directly with your brand is a great way to get more people introduced to the lifestyle your brand promotes.

What ideas do you have for using Pinterest?  Leave your ideas and thoughts in the comments below.