I challenge you to do something with Yelp this month!

Yelp Review Badge

Yelp Review Badge

  1. Claim your Business Listing ~ then complete the profile
  2. Get reviews from your clients
  3. GIVE reviews to local businesses you have used

None of these actions is hard ~ but business owners rarely do them!  The value that will add to your Online efforts is significant.  People use Yelp before making buying decisions, they research companies and services.  They compare reviews between you (if you are represented) and your competitors.  They CALL from information gathered from Yelp!

If your business is not represented in Yelp I guarantee you are losing business to your competitors!

Take the Challenge ~ Get your Yelp presence established.

Edited on November 2nd, 2021:

Yelp wants to be known as a directory, not a review site. According to their sales reps, if a review is left for your business from someone who did not FIND you on Yelp, it will get filtered. Having your actual clients leave a review for your business is no longer a good idea.

Google is a much better option for reviews.