Video Marketing

YouTube MarketingYou have heard that video marketing is the wave of the future ~ you will be left behind without using video marketing. Small business owners ask me this question often: Is video marketing really that important? Then; How do I use video to market my small business?

There are so many crappy videos on YouTube – yet they still get views and bring traffic.  This is a great time to start learning Video Marketing – not very many people are doing it effectively.

As of May 2010 YouTube gets over 2 billion views per day.  Customers usually ask me how to make a viral video that gets millions of views.  I ask – why do you need millions of views?  What if you get 100 views form people that are ready to use your services or buy your products?  Would you be happy?

Most small business owners do not need videos that get millions of views – they just need targeted traffic.  Here are a few things you can do to optimize your video efforts to get that targeted traffic:

  • Put your main keyword in the title of the video
  • Have contact information (phone and website) in the first part of your description
  • Include keywords in your description
  • Make use of the tagging system that YouTube offers
  • Make use of the Annotations that YouTube offers

Business Videos

YouTube is a great place to host all your business videos.  Just remember to optimize them with the tips above and you will start to get traffic from YouTube to your site.  Don’t look for the millions of useless visitors – go after the few that are ready to buy and your ROI will soar!