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Dotty Scott

Does Online Technology scare you?

Dotty is here for the benefit of business owners who are afraid of technology or doing their own website.  What makes her unique is her ability to listen to what you want and make it happen without stressing you out.  She can explain technical things in plain language that anyone can understand.  She can create a website that meets your needs and works 24/7 for you and your business.

Dotty will tell you if you are looking in the wrong direction.  She will tell you if your idea will not work (or is out of your budget), and will give you options that will work and accomplish a similar benefit.

When you hire Premium Websites to create your new website, you are getting the business owner who actually cares if your website works for you.  She will help you along with all the steps and you will be happy with the end result.

Who Am I?

  • Dotty is a sought-after speaker regionally

  • Award Winning website designer

  • 11 years in business in the Vancouver area

  • Teaches Social Media and Online Marketing

  • Community Focused

  • Customer Service Focused

  • Listens to what you want

  • Can provide ideas to enhance your website

Website Design Awards, Business Awards, Civic Awards

Dotty Scott

Speaking to Business Owners
about Social Media
Dotty is available to speak to your group about Social Media, Websites, SEO, or other related topics. She speaks at Associations, Networking Groups, Meetup Groups, and Business groups.

Some of my highlights

I get the most satisfaction when I can help a business owner get from where they are to where they want to be. When my clients have business growth from either their website or other Online activities I am very proud to say, “You worked hard to get there – now where do you want to go?”

I am most proud of the fact that I am still here. I have seen many web designers come and go…several of them I call friends. I learned what it takes to grow a business through a recession and to come out stronger. I value every one of my clients, and treat them like family. I get joy from their successes and look forward to hearing about their business growth and accomplishments.
When a client comes to me I listen to what they want, suggest what they need, and build them the best website for their business. I build the site on a testing server so they can follow along with the progress, continue to input ideas, and they love it before it ever goes live to the public. My websites are a collaboration of my knowledge of what works and their ideas.
I love Photography and Hiking. I live in one of the most beautiful areas of the planet and love to take advantage of that as often as possible. I also support community and family. I helped to start a LEO club here locally. It is a service club for kids 12-18. We do many projects that give back to our local community. We also offer leadership opportunities for the kids.

About Dotty Scott

Dotty has won a regional award for Web Design with a non-profit website and her site was a finalist in 2010 for the Peoples Choice Awards.  Premium Websites, LLC was  awarded (July 2011, 2012, 2013) the “Top 25 Web Hosting & Design Companies” by the Vancouver Business Journal.  The Best of Vancouver award was presented to Premium Websites, LLC in the category of Website Design and Development in November 2011.

Additionally, Dotty has over 200 clients and maintains well over a 90% retention rate.  Her customers love the work she produces and appreciate her ability to help them with online marketing.

Dotty is a sought-after speaker regionally. Small business owners especially benefit from her Social Media and Blogging presentations. They gain valuable knowledge of otherwise complex or confusing technical strategies in just a short time, because she makes the information easy to understand.  Dotty is well educated but does not speak in “Techie” terms… she makes complicated topics understandable for everyone.

Dotty believes in treating every customer as an individual, believing that there are no “cookie cutter” answers or “generic” websites created at Premium Websites, LLC. She goes the extra mile to make sure every client is happy with the custom websites she designs. She treats everyone with respect and honors their knowledge base. She loves to teach small business owners how to get from where they are to where they want to be.

As a past Membership Coordinator for I Take The Lead organization, she has helped local business owners promote their products and services through networking opportunities and education. Dotty is also a member of the Fort Vancouver Lions and contributes over 75 hours of volunteer time each year for the benefit of her community.

Recent Websites Created by Dotty

“I sought out Dotty when I felt I was struggling and needed direction, and miraculously she was there eager to assist! My name is Randa Kassisieh, I am a fellow “Renegade Professional”. After several months of studying the Renegade Professional Platform, I had built my own website utilizing all the webinars that were offered in the back office, that gave step-by-step instructions on how to apply the different methods and techniques to achieve an optimized website through WordPress suitable for the net and Google friendly. Dotty had conducted several of the webinars that had dealt with SEO and technical challenges, which she addressed with precision.

I had some issues that were not clear to me, and I contacted Dotty for some assistance. Our conversation was warm and friendly, as if I knew Dotty before. She was very soft spoken but precise, and listened with care. She had clarified issues as far as…what direction to take, how to be more focused, what avenues to pursue…etc…

After our conversation, I felt truly nurtured and knew what necessary steps need to be made. Dotty is not just informed with website design and technical issues, but is also a well rounded coach for advancing your marketing strategies, and creating traffic to your sites that will insure positive leads. Dotty’s honesty and professionalism encourages me to recommend her to others with confidence.

Your Fellow Renegade Professional

Randa Kassisieh, Network Marketer Professional
“I am very happy with my new web site and Dotty did an outstanding job. It’s so refreshing to deal with a person individually instead of a big company. She was so patient with me through the process and I’m recommending her to all my associates for their web site needs.”
“I have enjoyed referring my book of business to you so that you can improve my clients websites. As an independent consultant for Google & Yahoo, I come in contact with a bunch of nasty looking websites. You have successfully helped clean them up and helped get them more business as a direct result of your online work with their new improved website that has higher search results. Thank you again for all that you do for my clients. I am more than happy to be available to act as a reference on your behalf.”
Mike Jefferis, Yellow Pages Online
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