Advertising that works!

I can’t believe that I still hear “Networking does not work for me.”   I am here to set you straight.

Tip: Analyze where your leads came from last year

I do this every January.  I print out my client list from my accounting software and actually figure out where each client came from (I ask when I get a new client).  Then I count up all the clients and figure out the percentages.  Here is my results from all my efforts this past year:Networking Referrals

  1. Networking / Referral / Word of Mouth: 78%
  2. Internet Activities (Website, SEO, Social Media) 20%
  3. Tradia: 2%

Since the most expensive form of advertising gives the least return (2%) that is what I will be dropping.  I have personally never purchased print advertising or any phone book ads so I cannot speak to their effectiveness.

Networking Wins Hands Down

For those of you out there that refuse to do Networking activities (Leads groups, Chamber events, Industry Association events) you are really handicapping your business.  People do business with people they know and like.  I would not be in business without 78% of my income!

If the thought of Networking makes you sick to your stomach then search your local area for classes that will teach you how to become a better networker.  There are several professionals here locally that provide free Networking for Newbies workshops.  I would highly advise you to start participating and watch your business grow.