SEO Tips

Search Engine OptimizationPeople want to get their sites listed on the first page of Google  – organic ranking for their main keywords.  I often get asked how to keep or get a site on the first page of a search engine.  Here are a few tips or strategies for On-Site Optimization:

  • Use your keywords in the title of your page or post
  • Have the keyword repeat in the first paragraph
  • Use your keyword in links
  • Include an image with your keywords in the Title and alt text
  • Have other posts that support the main keywords
  • BLOG
  • Focus your content

Search Engine Optimization also includes Off-Site Optimization:

  • Creating links coming into your site ~ Local Directory Listings
  • Creating links coming into your site ~ Posting articles
  • Creating links coming into your site ~ Squidoo and HubPages
  • Creating incoming links ~ Get more Reviews

I hope you can see that it is all about gaining more incoming links.  Anything and everything that you can do to get a one-way link coming into your site will help your overall SEO ranking efforts.

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