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SEO StrategiesUpdate: May 2024

This article was originally written in December 2010—fourteen years ago. Although many search engine optimization strategies have changed, these have stood the test of time. I updated a few of the websites mentioned (the original ones are no longer in business), but all these concepts are still true today!

People want their sites listed on the first page of Google  – organic ranking for their main keywords.  I often get asked how to keep or get a site on the first page of a search engine.  Here are a few tips or strategies for On-Site Optimization:

  • Use your keywords in the title of your page or post
  • Have the keyword repeat in the first paragraph
  • Use your keyword in the link anchor text
  • Include an image with your keywords in the Title and alt text
  • Have other posts that support the main keyword link to your new post
  • BLOG
  • Focus your content

Search Engine Optimization also includes Off-Site Optimization:

  • Creating links coming into your site ~ Local Directory Listings
  • Creating links coming into your site ~ Guest blog posts
  • Creating links coming into your site ~ Medium or other article repositories
  • Creating incoming links ~ Give reviews to your vendors

I hope you can see that it is all about gaining more incoming links. Anything and everything you can do to get a one-way link to your site will help your overall SEO ranking efforts.

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