Google Calendar is changing their User Interface

Google Calendar is changing…

Posted by Premium Websites on Monday, October 23, 2017


The new User Interface (UI) for Google Calendar will start to roll out on November 14th 2017, according to Google. The initial roll out will take 8 weeks as they gradually release the change to different users.  The new UI is available now – if you want to start using it right away.  I just changed my calendar to the upgraded UI today and love it.  The date where the old UI will no longer be available is Feb 28th 2018.

Why do I care if Google Calendar gets a new UI?

  1. If you have an embedded Google Calendar on your website you will want to switch to the new UI and check to be sure your embedded calendar is still working on your website.
  2. If you are using scheduling software that adds appointments to your calendar you will want to test everything and be sure all the integrated software is working.
  3. If you share your Google Calendar with other people, you will want to make sure all sharing settings remain the same, or reset them.
  4. If your Google Calendar is shared to your mobile phone, you will want to test to be sure everything is working as expected.

I have just switched to the new UI for my calendar and everything works just fine.  My scheduler is working and all my sharing integrations are still connected.

What is new in Google Calendar?

Google has taken the best part of their mobile application and added it to the other versions of Calendar.  Modern color pallet, responsive so it now looks and works on all devices, and they added more features to help teams schedule and prepare for meetings.

Here is a post from Google on all the changes they are bringing to Google Calendar.