Article Writing for Web 2.0 sites

Website-ContentI often get asked how to create great online content for websites.  Clients say: “I am not a writer” or “I just can’t think of what to say”.  Here is a method that I use to create killer web 2.0 content.

  • Do simple keyword research to find the best words for your topic
  • If you do not know what topic to write about then do research on your main keywords and see what pops up in the list
  • Find 3 supporting keywords
  • Use these words as Headers and Sub Headers
  • Use them in your paragraphs
  • Make the topic something you know a great deal about

Website Content and Article Writing uses the same methods

Any Online Writing can be this simple:

  • Create your Keyword List
  • Use a Header and Sub Header
  • Write a sentence or 2 for introduction
  • Create a List
  • Insert another sub header
  • Final closing sentences
  • Use an image if possible

If you follow this simple outline you too can create killer Website Content that will be optimized for your keywords.