Content Creation

Content Creation

I often get asked how to create great online content for websites.  Clients say: “I am not a writer,” or “I just can’t think of what to say”.  Creating content for blog posts or articles is a big piece of search engine optimization. With the tools available today, creating content is way easier than ever. You can use the method mentioned in this article and an AI writing platform like ChatGPT. The content created by any AI program can be enhanced by following these guidelines.

Here is a method that I use for content creation.

Content creation broken down:

  • Do simple keyword research to find the best words for your topic
  • If you do not know what topic to write about, then research your main keywords and see what pops up in the list
  • Find three supporting keywords
  • Use these words as Headers and Sub Headers
  • Use them in your paragraphs
  • Make the topic something you know a great deal about

Website Content and Article Writing use the same methods

Any content creation can be this simple:

  • Create your Keyword List
  • Use a Header and Sub Header
  • Write a sentence or 2 for the introduction
  • Create a List
  • Insert another subheader
  • Final closing sentences
  • Use an image if possible

If you follow this simple outline, you can also create killer Website Content optimized for your keywords.

Here is a graphic to show how I create content:

Outline of a Blog Post

Article updated on May 30, 2024