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Premium Websites, Inc. Featured in UpCity’s Article About Common Link Building Mistakes in 2022

The article, Common Link Building Mistakes To Avoid, was recently published on UpCity. As one of UpCity’s Top Inbound Marketing Agencies in the United States, Premium Websites, Inc.’s very own Owner and Web Designer, Dotty Scott, contributed her professional insight.

As more and more businesses strive to expand their online presence, building a reputable, healthy backlink profile is crucial. However, if the right practices aren’t used, acquiring harmful links can do substantial harm to one’s website traffic, visibility, and Google rankings.

UpCity, an online marketplace that connects businesses with trustworthy B2B service providers, corresponded directly with digital marketing experts on their advice for small businesses to create a strong backlink profile. Dotty provided her expert advice for avoiding paid, low-quality links from SEO-based companies.

“Number one mistake – purchasing links from SEO companies. These are usually low-quality links that will actually harm your SEO instead of improving it. The risk to low-quality links is that your website can get devalued in the eyes of a search engine when unrelated or low-quality websites link to your website.”

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