82% of content on the Internet is Copied and Pasted from other Internet sources (according to Tynt)

I am not sure if the real statistic is that high – but I do know that my website content has been copied and used on other websites, and I have never gotten credit for the content.  Wouldn’t it be nice to at least get a link back to your website when that happens?  You will never totally stop someone from stealing your content – at least now there is a way to get an automatic link back to your website.

Your content was stolen – why do you care?

Tynt - CopyrightI get the “what if someone steals my content” question all the time from clients.  Although this tool is not a perfect solution (they can manually remove the link) it is better than doing nothing.  It lets the person that copies your content know that you are tracking the activity and that you want the attribution link.  They may think twice about using your content, and about removing the link.  The advantages of using a tool like Tynt is that the links the tool creates can build up your inbound links for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes.

What does Tynt measure?

When you sign up for your free account you will get a dashboard where you can get your website statistics.  It will tell you:

  • How many times your content is copied
  • How much traffic is generated by the Tynt attribution links
  • How many times images are copied
  • How many times your URL gets copied
  • What keywords get copied then searched on (prompting the people to leave your site)
  • How many times your content is copied and the link is removed (unfortunately not by whom)

Although this will not protect your copyright, it is at least a step to get people to give you credit for your work.  You have to assume your content has been, and will be copied.  Let’s start getting back links for our work.