A Faster Website is Exciting News!

Website Performance Upgrade!For any business owner using the Avada Theme (95% of my clients are) there is a website performance upgrade available.

Avada is an incredible theme – so flexible that just about any layout design is possible. However the price of that flexibility has always been performance. There is so much in the theme – I have never used all the features for any one client. This means that there is code that your website does not need since it is not using it. In the past that code was hard to find and harder to eliminate. If you wanted to use it in the  future then the feature was no longer available. For that reason I left it on all my client websites.

Now Avada has solved this problem! Now we can turn off features a specific website is not using, and turn them back on if they are needed in the future.

Your Website Will Load Faster!

By not including code that is not needed, your website will load faster. Avada has also added a delayed image load, load above the fold first, and other speed related features. Getting this upgrade will significantly improve your website load speed for both desktop and mobile. Combine this with faster hosting – and you have a winner!

Want the Website Performance Upgrade?

If you would like me to do this upgrade for you just send me an email with your request. The cost is just $37.50 for my time to perform the upgrade.