Layout Matters!

Ads on a billboardGoogle just announced an update to their search placement algorithm.  This update has to do with the quality of the user experience and the layout of your website.  Google’s goal is to provide the closest match to what someone is searching for highest in the search results list.  Our goal is to be in the top 3 for our search terms.

Best User Experience – Ads above the fold?

One complaint that Google gets from searchers is that they can’t find the information on the site that Google served to them.  It is buried under a multitude of ads.  Although ads provide an income for the website owner – they do nothing to help the searcher find your information.

This update is designed to rank websites with too many ads (how is that determined?) lower than websites with no ads.  This will help to improve the user experience when they look for information.

What does this mean to you?

It means that business owners need to provide the most important information first – always keep users in mind.  Do not clutter your website with promotional AdSense, or anything else that makes it hard for the user to find your information.  Google cares – and so should we.

A few SEO strategies