How to Write a Blog

This is a question I get quite often.  There are guidelines but no hard fast rules.  Blogging can be done for many different purposes so what works for me may not be the perfect answer for you.  Here are a few guidelines:

  • Make your posts scannable – use headings and lists when possible
  • Make your posts short – around 300-400 words
  • Include photos for interest
  • Include the main keyword for the post in your title
  • Share your knowledge
  • Keep it simple

Blog Marketing

Blogging can be a very effective method for marketing your business, product, idea, or service.  It gets you noticed and ranked by search engines and can bring your website more traffic if done correctly.  It can set you up as an expert in your field. Just by creating the posts, your site will get a better organic ranking for a bigger variety of keywords.

When you started your website you were likely asked to create a list of keywords that you wanted to rank for. It is impossible to think of all the different ways and words that people might use to find you and your business. By writing articles on a regular basis, your keywords will grow organically along with your website.  Over time you will be surprised how many effective keyword phrases you will start getting found for.

Looking at your analytics for your website will tell you what people actually type in to find your website. Use these real-world keyword phrases to come up with blog topics that will continue to drive you more traffic.

Blog writing: What not to do

  • Do not create really long posts
  • Do not write huge paragraphs
  • Do not think you need to be an English major to write
  • Do not write above an 8th grade level

Blogging is very easy.  Do not let it intimidate you – just take it one post at a time.