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Website Design Terms

Design Process

The design process is very simple:

  1. We meet with the prospective client to get a clear understanding of the scope of the website project. Meeting can be in person or over the phone.
  2. We agree upon the correct package for the client and paperwork is signed and a payment is made – either paid in full or start the payment plan..
  3. Work will be scheduled AFTER all content (text, images, graphics, logo, etc) has been received by Premium Websites, LLC.  All website content needs to be provided digitally by email, CD, DVD, or flash drive.  Hourly rates will apply for re-typing or scanning  images.
  4. Client will have access to a “testing” server environment during the development phase.  Client can watch progress and  give input at any time.  Within 20 days of receiving all content, a first draft will be presented to the client for review.
  5. Any changes that need to be made after the initial review will be done within 2 weeks.
  6. Our goal is to have every project finished within 30 days of actually starting.
  7. Projects that drag on longer than 30 days because of lack of client participation (unable to get site reviewed, unable to get all content, unable to get approval, etc.) need to be paid for before completion. 
  8. If the project lasts longer than 30 days (read #7), then work will not begin again until all missing items have been given to Premium Websites, LLC.
  9. Final website payment is due upon approval of the final website.  Without complete payment (including any extra charges), the site will not go live onto your domain.

Premium Websites, LLC can offer such great prices on website packages by batching the work.  When the items are not all available at the time the project begins, then the project time is much greater than planned.  Since any lack of organization affects the time frame of the project, there will be extra costs billed before the site goes live. All website packages are priced with batching in mind.

Refund Policy

We take a deposit on all websites to cover any costs of premium plugins and premium themes as well as time to develop the website. This deposit is not refundable if the website project is not completed for any reason.  Once work has started there are no refunds.

If the client changes their mind prior to starting work on the website a 100% refund of the deposit will be provided.

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