“Dotty is top of the line, no doubt! Whether she is listening and understanding your needs, creating a website, training you on how to best use social media, answering your questions, or providing great tips and informative videos in easy to understand (and follow) directions, Dotty is there, available to help.
I have had the pleasure of working with Dotty in a variety of ways:

  1. We re-did my website, and her suggestions and recommendations made all the difference, both in terms of function and appearance.
  2. She was a featured speaker for an industry specific meeting; the information she provided was vital to the success of our event.
  3. I have heard Dotty speak to an audience of varied business interests and was impressed with her ability to pull everyone in on common ground. Her presentation was interesting, fun, factual, and professional, and left everyone interested in hearing more.

Dotty clearly knows what she is doing!”

Jodi Blackwood

Jodi Blackwood Business Etiquette Coach

Dotty loves her Consulting clients too

Dotty ScottThanks for taking the time to leave a great review Jodi.  I enjoy working with you because you know what you want – just not sure how to get there.  You understand enough to be able to take my tips and run with the information.  When you get stuck you are good about asking for clarification which then helps me with other clients in the future.

I have known Jodi for years.  She is a Business Etiquette and Customer Service coach here in Vancouver.  She is definitely a Do It Yourself business woman.  She was getting very frustrated with her website and came to me for ideas on how she could accomplish what she wanted for her website.  She had all her content done, but was having troubles getting her WordPress site to look as professional as her business.

I helped her with creating a new Theme for her site and installed the theme for her.  I created a few slides for her Home Page, and showed her how to use her website dashboard more effectively.  She loves her website’s new look and now she is able to maintain her own website going forward.  Jodi was a pleasure to work with.

Check out her new website at Business Etiquette & Customer Service Coach

Jodi has recently retired and took her website down.