Anonymous ReviewsRemember when you could leave a review without signing into your Google account? I has been years – but you used to be able to do that and the review would post anonymously.

No More Anonymous Reviews!

Last month Google purged its database of all anonymous reviews. This affected businesses in a few ways:

  1. If your business had ols anonymous reviews they have now been removed and your review count would have been decreased.
  2. If the anonymous reviews were less than 5 stars your star rating might have gone up!

It is a good thing that these reviews are no longer posted. Google has not allowed for anonymous reviews in over 5 years (not sure how long it has really been). When they started to make everyone log in to leave a review I personally think the quality of reviews went up. People that wanted to trash on businesses could no longer do it without associating their name with the review.

Why do business care about Google reviews?

Online reviews are HUGE for getting a good reputation Online. I know business owners that do not have a website – but they still get calls from Online searches. They are showing up in different review sites and have their phone number filled out in the review platform.

People look at reviews – that is all there is to it! If you or your business does not have good reviews, and you are not replying to all given reviews, then you are missing out on a very lucrative stream of income for your business.

Now that all the anonymous reviews have been purged from the system your business can now know who is leaving reviews for you – and you can now respond appropriately and thank the reviewer. This is such an important step to gaining more new clients from your Online Marketing efforts.

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