Google My Business – GMB

Why is it so important for my business success?

A Google My Business account is how businesses get listed in Google Maps, and how they collect Google Reviews.  If your business does not have a GMB account – it will never get a Maps listing. This will hurt your business. Many people use their mobile devices to search the Internet, and if they are searching for a specific business by name then the GMB account shows at the top of the results page for mobile. It has links to your website and a touch-to-dial phone number as well as a open or closed message based upon declared business hours. It is important that all of your basic business information is entered and accurate. Many times people call or visit your business via Maps and never actually go to the website.  This is also where people can see reviews for the business. If the business owner has claimed the listing then the reviews can be responded to publicly as well. GMB packages As a business owner I want my business to stand out above my competitions. The GMB account has many features that allow this to happen. Features like:

  • Adding photos
  • Adding short videos
  • Adding your Services and Products
  • Answering questions that people can submit
  • Collecting more reviews than your competition
  • Responding to all reviews – both positive and negative
  • Adding Posts

Is GMB Maintenance required?

Google My Business is not social media. You do not need to go into the account on a daily basis and add or participate. Aside from responding to reviews there is no place to interact – it is nothing like Facebook. However it is recommended that you go into the account on a monthly basis and add some new photos, upload a video, respond to reviews, and check if they have added anything to the profile that you can take advantage of. This is something I do monthly for my business, and offer as a service to other business owners that want to hand off that piece to someone else. We offer GMB packages here!

Are you a non-profit? Ever looked into Google grants?