Aiming for Average with AI

I Aim for Excellence

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) is aiming for average…or is it?

AI SuperheroUsing AI can be a huge time-saver and make you look like a superhero, or it can make you just like everyone else. Average and not very memorable.

How Does AI Actually Work?

Artificial Intelligence is just a program that has “learned” from some of the information on the internet. AI is programmed to compile information, sort out the parts relevant to your inquiry, and write your requested work. It is designed to be average, and it is not intended to stand out from the crowd. It cannot write something original. It cannot take information and form an opinion. That is not possible (yet).

Artificial Intelligence?

I bet you know people that are super smart but have no common sense. You likely know people with great common sense but lack in the “smart” area.

Intelligent people have both smarts and common sense. 

Have you ever tried to teach common sense to someone? Knowing how AI works, do you think it can learn common sense? I do not believe it is possible for artificial intelligence to have any common sense or to learn. It is not really intelligent; it is a database of information that can be displayed when specific terms are requested. It is a glorified search engine.

Drawbacks of AI

Artificial Intelligence has several drawbacks. The biggest one is that it uses information from the internet – it may or may not be accurate. Spoiler alert – not everything on the internet is fact-checked, and it is not valid.

A lot of content on the internet is opinions. Not all people have the same idea. Content on the internet is also biased. Who knows what the bias is? Some are biased from a woman’s point of view, some from a man’s. Then you have racial or sexist content you would never read.

The point is there is a lot of content you would not agree with or want on your website or your marketing. When AI checks its database for the information you requested, it will pull any data that matches. You will need to determine whether you want to use that content.

How to use AI to your benefit

AI can be used to save time when you are creating:

  • Blog Posts
  • Email Campaigns
  • Social Media Posts
  • Hashtags
  • Any other text-related marketing
  • Images
  • Video
  • Video scripts

When you use AI for anything in your business, use it as a starting point or a way to organize your thoughts. Take any article it produces and add your special sauce to it.

Check the article for accuracy and make sure it does not repeat itself. Add headings, reformat parts into lists, and break up long paragraphs. Make sure you make the article use your unique voice and make it yours.