What is Evernote?

Evernote keeps me organized!

I get asked quite often – how do I stay organized?  I use Evernote.  It is a free tool (however I use the paid version) that allows you to store and categorize information in the cloud so you can access it from any Internet connection.  When I meet with clients I create a new Notebook for that client within Evernote then take any note pertaining to the project.  The Note is immediately accessible from my tablet (where it is usually entered) from my desktop, or from my phone.

Evernote has apps for both Android, Apple, and Windows.  The nice thing about the Apps is that they store the information then save it to your account when you have Internet access.  This is nice if I need to take notes at a meeting where I do not have WIFI access.

I also scan my business cards and have a contact folder in my Evernote.  I no longer keep business cards (yes the piles are gone) and if you have the paid version of Evernote ($49.95 per year) then the business card images are searchable.  This makes it very easy to find a contact.

I will be scanning all my business receipts as well since the IRS declared they will accept scanned receipts now.

Evernote has greatly cut down on my paper consumption, sticky note mess, and business card fiasco.  I highly recommend it!

Evernote Organization Tool

If you are an Evernote user; How do you use Evernote to help your daily workflow?

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