Password Management does not have to be hard

Password Management KeePassDo you find yourself using the same passwords for various accounts simply because you can’t remember new ones?  Do you realize how much of a security risk poor passwords are?  Do you realize what can happen if someone gets into your website because of a poor password?

Your entire business can be at risk!

If you are using actual words for a password – there are programs that are designed to guess your password and they can take just seconds.  These programs have also been programmed to use the common substitutes – like @ instead of a, 3 instead of e, etc.  These programs are sophisticated enough to understand patterns as well.

What is a person to do?

KeePass is my savior!

KeePass is an open source password management system that downloads right onto your computer.  It is not yet available as a cloud solution, but you can save your main password file onto an encrypted flash drive if needed.  I have it installed on my main work computer, and have thousands of passwords saved.   I only have to remember my main password that opens the program. You can organize your passwords into folders.  I chose to call my folders by the name of the website – for example I have a folder called Google.  Inside that folder is my Google passwords, as well as client’s.  Each entry is labeled with the person’s name, so it is easy to find.  This is the most efficient way I have found to organize all the passwords I need to run my business.

I no longer have a “social media” password that gets used on all social media accounts – that is very unsafe.

KeePass will allow you to use the password generators you find Online to create very secure passwords – and you never have to worry about remembering them again!

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