7 ways to gain linksEveryone knows that getting links to your site/content is how you get your content ranked well on Google.  Sure there are other aspects to organic ranking – but a linking strategy is very high on that list.  There are traditional ways to get links:

  • Ask your friends for links from their sites
  • Put a link back to your site in all your Social Profiles
  • Buy links
  • Get listed in various Directories
  • Trade links

These are all methods that work – slowly.  Thinking outside of the box a little can work much faster.  What do you have to offer people to get them to want to link to you?

  • Create “Link Bait” content
  • Hold a contest that has value to the people

Jack – over at the Friday Traffic Report has created a contest to get links to his site.  He has gained way more links in a short period of time with this method.  Check out the comments to see how many links this method has gained him in just this week.

By thinking outside the box you will find linking strategies that will work way faster than the traditional methods.  Comment here with ideas that have worded for you!

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