Niche Marketing Really Works

Niche MarketingThere are 6 easy steps to market online to a specific niche.

  1. Define your niche and their needs
  2. Talk the language of your niche
  3. “Hang out” where your niche is on the Internet
  4. Create content targeted towards your niche
  5. Post content on the Internet and link it to your services, products, website
  6. Be consistent and as your content grows so will your traffic

Let’s look at each of these  steps a little closer.

Define Your Niche and Their Needs

Many business owners fail to completely define their niche.  Some fail to recognise they even have a niche.  Marketing to everyone that breaths will get your company to broke very fast.  Look at your top clients, what do they have in common?  Analyse your business and determine what type of client you really want to work with – then define the niche a little more.  Choose from the “cream of the crop” and go after more of your very best clients.  While you are defining who your niche are, remember to note their needs and be sure your business is offering services or products that these people are actually looking for.  A prime example is a supplement distributor deciding that everyone needs their products.  While everyone could improve their health – not everyone cares to try.  Finding people that are already thinking healthy is a step in the right direction.  Then narrow it down to people that are actively seeking advice or are searching for an answer to a problem.  Forget about everyone else – they will come to you when the time is right for them.

Talk the Language of Your Niche

Don’t talk over peoples heads.  Use the language that people in your target market are already using – even if you have to “dummy down” and speak to them directly.  People are comfortable in their own little worlds – don’t make them feel they have to get out a dictionary to understand what you are saying.  If your niche are technical people then use the vocabulary that works for them.

Hang Out Where Your Niche Is On the Internet

Discover where your niche hangs out on the Internet, then join those Social Sites.  My niche is Small Business Owners and the leading site I use is LinkedIn.  There are so many different Social Sites on the Internet and every industry seems to have sites that cater to them specifically.  Search Google until you find where your target market is socializing and hanging out;  then join that site and get to know people and let people get to know you.  Do not go in spamming or pushing your services.  Social Networking online is just like social networking offline.  I would never go into a crowded room of people and start to sell my products to everyone.  It is rude and a very easy way to get banned from the site.

Create Content Targeted Towards Your Niche and Post it on the Internet

This is the most important step.  Find out what your target market is searching for then create content with those keywords.  Flood the Internet with your content so when a potential client searches, your content comes up high in Google and they get the answer to their question from you.  Make sure all your content is linked to more of your content and to your blog/website.  If you are selling something then link your content to the exact page where the potential customer will find the product or service that will solve their problem.  Do not make them hunt it down – they will just go to somewhere easier.  If your niche likes to watch video and listen via podcasts then make sure you are offering them a content format that they want and are used to.  Not everyone like to read!

Be Consistent and as Your Content Grows So Will Your Traffic

Don’t feel like you need to spend hours on this every day.  Do what you can do and be consistent.  I know people that block out 1 hour per week to work on Internet Marketing.  I know others that do something every day.  Find what works for you and then commit to doing it on schedule.  Over time your content will grow and links to your site will grow.  This will make your traffic grow and sales increase.  This is not an overnight success plan – it is a slow and proven plan to get traffic to your site.  The more you can commit to content the faster you will get results.