Are you wanting to be the “Go To” local business?

Ever wonder  How To dominate your local market?

Dominate Your Local Market

Dominate Your Local Market

Here are the Top 3 marketing strategies I have used to dominate my local market in Web Design.

  1. Video!  Yes I said Video.  Video is inexpensive, and very easy to use.  For under $100.00  you can buy a video camera that works well enough for the Internet.  You do not need HD or any of the fancy features.  You will need a good Microphone.  You can video yourself (by using a tripod) or have a partner run the camera.  You can video other people giving testimonials, or just talking about you or your business.  You could do training videos, demonstration videos, gallery videos, or anything else that would be appropriate for your business.  Video is the number 1 way to dominate your local market!  Once the video is completed it goes on your website, blog, YouTube Channel, Vimeo, Facebook, Google+, and anywhere else you can think of.  If you are consistent in producing videos and getting them onto the Internet you will find people know you before they come into your businesses.  It is more like selling to a good friend instead of a cold prospect!
  2. Blogging!  Yes I said Blogging.  Another inexpensive form of Internet exposure that will benefit you and your business.  You will become known in your local market as the expert in your business.  You will have more pages indexed in the Search Engines and get more traffic to your website.  Your site will be indexed for more keyword terms and get found more often.  Blogging is not as hard as you think either.  It is more challenging to create the habit than it is to actually blog.  Here is an article on How To Write A Blog Post.
  3. Networking!  Yes I said in person Networking.  If you are doing step 1 (Video) then in person Networking is easier since people will be familiar with you already.  People will come up to you and start conversations about your recent videos and break the ice.  There is no better way to get known locally than combining all 3 of these steps.  Leave one out and your work will be exponentially harder!  There are likely weekly networking events in your area.  Pick 1 per week and attend – and do more than just show up.  Volunteer to help, jump in when needed.  Talk to at least 10 new people per event then follow up with them over the next week.  Attend Chamber ribbon cuttings (usually free), afternoon or evening Mixers, (often free), Association events – these can be associations you belong to professionally or associations that your target market frequents.   If you are not comfortable in large groups then bring a friend and take the role of introducing that person to the people there (even if you do not know them).  This strategy will force you to talk to others and you will find it is easy to introduce your friend then they will naturally ask about you.  They are also there to meet business connections.

Any one of these strategies will help your Marketing.  But to dominate your local market all of these strategies need to be used and they work well together.

By Dotty