Have you been looking for Online Credibility?

Building CredibilityLinkedIn gives you the perfect avenue to build 3rd party credibility.  It is called Questions and Answers.  LinkedIn has a system where members can get their business questions answered by other professionals.  It is a great free service that all of us should be participating in.  It works 2 ways:  You can get your question answered AND you can answer questions for other people.

Building your Credibility

Answering questions for others is how I have built my online credibility as well as built a customer base in a part of the country that I have never even visited.  Here is how it works:

  1. Look through the categories of questions and find a category you are an expert in.
  2. Look through the Questions and find a few you can answer.
  3. Answer the questions completely including any relevant links to information.  Do NOT solicit business in the answer.
  4. When the Question closes the creator of the Question will mark one of the Answers as the best answer.  Your goal is to get voted the Best Answer.
  5. When that happens your Profile earns a Badge stating you are an expert in the Category of the Question.

3rd Party endorsements are a great way to build your expertise and credibility in the business community of LinkedIn.  This will go a long way in gaining you authority in your business as well as new clients from LinkedIn.

Update on March 20th 2019

LinkedIn no longer offers the Questions and Answers portion of their website. Not sure why it was removed, but it has been gone for quite some time. I now use Quora in the same way as described above.

Quora questions and answers

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