Is Google Calling You?


Google-My-BusinessI am sure you get the same phone calls that I do – Someone calls and says they are from Google and your Google My Business account is:

  • Not claimed
  • Does not exist
  • Is not current
  • Needs to be updated
  • Or some other bogus statement.

The people that are calling say they are a certified Google Partner. They lead you to think that they work for Google. They do not. 

There is such a thing as a Certified Google Partner – usually in reference to AdWords. These are people or companies that have gone through a training program that Google created to teach their platforms. This could be Adwords, the G Suite platform, as well as others. A Certified Google Partner is NOT a Google employee. They do NOT work for Google in any way – they just understand the Google services better than others that have not gone through the training. 

These calls are deceptive and use scare tactics to get you to buy a service they provide. These companies are usually optimization companies, digital marketing companies, or other online services companies.  They give the whole industry a bad reputation because of deceptive business practices.

We are not like these companies!

Premium Websites can help you with your Google My Business account if you need additional help. We can teach you how to maintain it yourself, or we can do it for you. We actually have packages for this service.  We will never scare you into making a decision and we are fully transparent with our pricing.

Google My Business accounts are the only way to get your business listed in Google Maps. It is also the only platform you can use to collect Google Reviews. These accounts are a major step to getting your business found on the Internet. In fact they are so critical that hiring an SEO company to help boost your search rankings is pointless without first having your GMB account. 

Google Calendar is a great option