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This is a blog category where I write about things that you can do to improve your business. 

It might be around a really cool tool I found and love to use – love sharing these with other business owners. It might also be a new method to do some specific thing, or a better way to do some routine thing. 

If it saves money, time, or resources then it is fair game to have an educational article written on the topic, and you will find it here.

If you have a cool new tool, app, or item that help all business owners feel free to contact me. 

Hosting Hacked or Website Hacked?

2020-11-03T08:37:51-08:00October 29, 2020|Business Tips|

[web_stories_embed url="" title="Hosting Hacked or Website Hacked?" poster="" /] Have you ever visited your website and saw a white screen? [...]

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