From Mindset to Making Millions it’s The Global Konnection Summit

Global Konnection Summit - Dotty is Speaking!You’re invited to something very unique.

You know what’s different about this summit?

It’s not just there are 80 speakers from 96 countries, it’s that it doesn’t end when the last speaker exits the virtual stage, in fact that’s the catalyst to the most amazing relationships that build more rapidly than ever before. The reason is the entire event is broadcast from BeeKonnected – the social media disruptor platform – and because of the Konnection Generator every attendee can connect with each other and the speakers by the click of a button.

In our last event, every 10 minutes – when a speaker left the stage – the Konnection Generator was activated and hundreds of connections were being made and private chats were open, for 15 solid hours.

Which is why when you register for this summit –
and you create your free account –
you too are now a part of the BeeKonnected community – and that power works for you too.

Why the BeeKonnected Community?

This is a community of like-minded business owners. We can connect and communicate without the oversight of Facebook. There are no advertisers or trolls. It is quite refreshing and different!

So click here –

And if this is your first time on the platform – Select New Member and Claim Your Name
And in seconds you can register for the event, create your profile, join a group, watch a live show, catch a replay and enjoy the power of the platform.

The keynote speakers are being finalized, the speaker line up is almost complete, and you are about to become a part of a movement – that starts with teaching you how to make money from what you already have to growing your reach and results.

It’s pure content to accelerate your results from masters in their fields!!

See you there!
Grab your seat –

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