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The article, Top Signs That It’s Time To Hire For Your Small Business, was recently published on UpCity. As one of UpCity’s Top Web Design Companies in the United States, Premium Websites, Inc.’s very own Owner and Web Designer, Dotty Scott, contributed her professional insight.

As layoffs and unemployment continue to rise, many applicants are eager and excited to work for small businesses. However, how exactly can a small business determine whether or not it’s time to expand its in-house team?

UpCity, an online marketplace that connects businesses with trustworthy B2B service providers, corresponded directly with small business leaders on their advice for companies determining whether or not it’s time to hire new talent. Dotty provided her expert advice for assessing in-house tasks to determine whether or not hiring a new employee is necessary.

“Listen to your team members! Look at your method of tracking and be sure all the tasks are getting completed. If tasks are falling through the cracks, it is time to either train your team better or hire another team member. This is crucial because the reputation of your business is on the line.”

~ Dotty Scott, Owner/Web Designer at Premium Websites, Inc.

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