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How Infographics Can Serve as the Fuel to Make Your Social Media Sizzle

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Social networking sites have been setting the internet ablaze for many years now. Back in 2012, active Facebook users surpassed one billion and generated over $4 billion in advertising revenue. With these kinds of figures, it is difficult to ignore the heat emanating from this socially driven fire.

Infographics are also picking up steam and beginning to explode online. Using familiar icons and images along with a small amount of text, this powerful tool helps to convey a complex concept or explain a detailed relationship. Not only are they visually appealing, they are designed and formatted in such a way that makes them more easily digestible for the reader.

Infographics can serve as a visually engaging way to not only gain more followers, but inform them as well. How can we ensure our infographic catches fire and […]

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Tynt: Copy & Paste Tool

82% of content on the Internet is Copied and Pasted from other Internet sources (according to Tynt)

I am not sure if the real statistic is that high – but I do know that my website content has been copied and used on other websites, and I have never gotten credit for the content.  Wouldn’t it be nice to at least get a link back to your website when that happens?  You will never totally stop someone from stealing your content – at least now there is a way to get an automatic link back to your website.

Your content was stolen – why do you care?

Tynt - CopyrightI get the “what if someone steals my content” […]

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How To Blog: Blog Promotion

You have created a great blog post ~ Now what?

How do you get people to read your Blog?

Creating your articles, or blog posts is the first step in the process of blogging.  One might argue that it is the most important step – without the article there would be nothing to read!  However if nobody sees your post who cares?  It is a lot of work to get the article written – now it is time to do some basic promotion.

Easy Blog Promotion

Those of you that know me know that I am into easy.  Let’s use the tools we provide for other people for ourselves!  All blogs should have a social sharing option with each post.  There are many different widgets and plugins to accomplish social sharing.  A few of the popular ones are:

  • Sexy Bookmarks by Sharaholic (the one I use)
  • Share This
  • !Share
  • Sharebar
  • FollowMe
  • Share & Follow
  • Get Social
  • Tell A Friend
  • many more


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Google Profile

What is important about your Google Profile for a business owner?

Google Profile | Contributor To SectionAlthough may things about the Google profile are important, today we will focus on the Contributor To section.  This section tells Google what websites or blogs that you actually publish articles or content on.  These are generally your websites or blogs, and you can “claim” as many as you want.  You are not limited to […]

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Keyword Research Process

Keyword Research is a vital part of the success of your website or blog.

Not doing keyword research, at least on a very basic level, is like shooting a target you cannot see. Occasionally you might hit it but overall you will miss. Here is a great Infographic explaining the process

Keyword Research Process Keyword Research Process

Infographic from Promodo

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Google Authorship: How to Get Yours!

Google Author Tags are now working!

Today Google sent out an official email to everyone that has the Authorship engaged on their website.  Here is mine:

Google Authorship for Dotty Scott Google Authorship for Dotty Scott

What is Google Author anyway?

Do you see my image listed above in the email?  That is created by telling Google I author my website and blog.  When someone searches for one of your keywords, your listings will have your image next to them.

What is the Big Deal?

This is not about vanity!  Google knows that people […]

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Local Search: Top 3 Marketing Ideas for Owning Your Local Market

Are you wanting to be the “Go To” local business?

Ever wonder  How To dominate your local market?

Dominate Your Local Market Dominate Your Local Market

Here are the Top 3 marketing strategies I have used to dominate my local market in Web Design.

  1. Video!  Yes I said Video.  Video is inexpensive, and very easy to use.  For under $100.00  you can buy a video camera that works well enough for the Internet.  You do not need HD or any of the fancy features.  You will need a good Microphone.  You can video yourself (by using a tripod) or have a partner run the camera.  You can video other people giving testimonials, or just talking about you or your business.  You could do training videos, demonstration videos, gallery videos, or anything else that would be appropriate for your business.  Video is the number 1 way to dominate your local market!  Once the video is completed it goes on your website, blog, YouTube Channel, Vimeo, Facebook, Google+, and anywhere else you can think of.  If you are consistent in producing videos and getting them onto the Internet you will find people know you before they come into your businesses.  It is more like selling to a good friend instead of a cold prospect!
  2. Blogging!  Yes I said Blogging.  Another inexpensive […]
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Web Graphics: Are They Helping You?

Have you ever thought about your Web Graphics?

This Google + post brings up some very good points about images on websites.

Tony McCreath

Tony McCreath   56 minutes ago There’s some really good points made in this article. Are you messing up your chances by the wrong use of images?

The Shocking Truth About How Web Graphics Affect Conversions
Images can reduce readership. Yes, they catch people’s attention. But without some very specific conditions in place, that attention does not translate into people reading the body copy—or coughing up…

I particularly like the point about Captions.  I have never thought about it but when I read a newspaper I read in […]

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Keyword Rich Content: You Can Create It!

How to create Keyword rich content

In this live workshop you will be actually creating a blog post, or web page content.  I will teach you:

  • How to choose the right keywords for your topic
  • Where in the post or page to use them
  •  How often to use them
  • The science behind Keywords and Search Engine placement

There is a specific method for creating well optimized content – it is NOT hard and I know you can learn it too.

Come to the Workshop on October 27th 2011.  You can register here.

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WordCamp PDX 2011

WordPress Conference

wordcamp-portland-attendingThe first day of WordCamp PDX  Unconference was well worth attending.  I met some great new local talent as well as learned some new ideas and techniques that will benefit all my clients.  I so appreciate the vibrant and talented WordPress enthusiasts here in the Portland Vancouver area and have benefited from attending WordCamp the past 3 years.

Some of what I have picked up so far:

  • There are  vibrant local Musicians that ar3e using WordPress successfully here in the Portland area
  • A number of new and very useful Plugins – keep an eye out for the video reviews of these plugins at very soon
  • Ideas to better enhance the client experience when using WordPress as a CMS

I am looking forward to learning more this afternoon.

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