Awesome Business Development Book – TPE

I have read many different business books and watched many different business seminars. The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur is one of the better business development books I have read. It puts everything in layman’s terms that are very easy to understand – and has a sense of humor too. Reading this book has made me rethink some of my business practices and will ultimately help the overall health of my business. I would highly recommend the easy-read of TPE.

Some of the more thought-provoking sections for me are:

  • Immutable Laws
  • Area of Innovation
  • Top 9 List
  • Applying the PFA Process to Your Business

Writing my Immutable Laws has made me narrow the focus of my business and made it easy to say no to potential customers that just don’t fit into my business model. My business has started to run more efficiently and this was the best month I have had to date. I attribute this to more narrowly focusing my business mindset and starting to turn down clients that are just not a fit for my company.

Choosing just one Area of Innovation has also helped me to focus my business marketing so that it is more effective.  Prior to reading Toilet Paper Entrepreneur my focus was on both quality and price.  Now I am focusing on just quality and competing better with my advertising which is bringing better-qualified prospects to my door.

By applying the Top 9 concept to my business I have been able to really focus and customize my customer service as well as focus on the type of customers I am looking to find.  This has made my networking more effective and has saved me lots of “wasted” time.  My business is running more efficiently.

The concept of a Profit First Account is a very profound thought.  This is something I have always known but I have not applied.  After reading TPE I now know how to start a PFA and have a solid plan in place for growing my companies profitability.
I will be taking time from now to the end of the year to come up with a better business plan that takes the principles I have learned in the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur and implement them into my business. I have only focused on a few to date and already my business has improved – next year is looking like it will be my best ever.

I would highly recommend this book to people that are thinking of starting a business as well as people that are already running a business but want it to run more effectively and efficiently.