Website Designer Review

Website Designer Review by RosieRosie Rhine of Rhino Quilting in Vancouver WA leaving a website designer review about Dotty of Premium Websites – In Rosie’s words. “I am Rose Rhine, I’m a quilter. I make quilts and my specialty is bereavement quilts. People send me the clothes of a loved one who has died and I make a quilt out of their clothes. I met Dotty in a marketing group – I Take the Lead very early when I was just starting and got to know her before I ever used her as a website designer. The best thing about her – as far as I’m concerned – she is so easy to work with and she’s right there whenever you need her. If you have a website that you update yourself you often need someone right away, and she’s always there.  She tailored the website towards the quilts and all the information towards the quilts. She gives me lots more information than what I need, but when I have a problem she tailors her answer to what I need. She’s never let me down – she’s great. If you need a good website designer – call Dotty.

Dotty loves her website clients too

Dotty ScottRosie, it is always a pleasure working with you. I think we have known each other for over 16 years now, and I value your knowledge and enjoy teaching you how to maintain the website we created together. Your quilts are beautiful and you are putting positive thoughts and love back out into the universe.  Thank you so much for your kind words!

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