Website Designer Review

Connie Burgstahler, a local Massage therapist and clinic owner leaving a website designer review about Dotty of Premium Websites – In Connie’s words. “My name is Connie Burgstahler and my business is Whole Health Wellness and Body Wellness and my website that Dotty made for me is  I met her through a friend of mine that I went to school with – because she was building a website for her. My friend said – Hay you need to see this girl – she is really good. I went – OK, let’s do this, and I started working with her. Yeah, it has been great. Dotty would be the first person that I would want somebody to come to. She is so kind and gentle when we are starting businesses. She knows more about what we need to do to get our marketing going. She is perfect for it. If I have somebody who is starting a business the first thing I am going to say is to go see Dotty Scott. She is the perfect person to go to. She is just fun and great to be around.”

Dotty loves her Massage website clients too

Dotty ScottThanks so much, Connie for the kind and honest words. I am so glad that I am your “go-to” person for helping you get your marketing started with your businesses and I am honored that you are comfortable enough with me to refer me to your friends and colleagues who are also starting businesses.  Remember – I have one good idea every day – glad it has benefited you on some days!

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