Why do I need another Online Profile?

about.me Online ProfileThe more Online real estate you control about yourself and your business the easier it will be for people to find you.  Think of it an another way to show your talents to the world.  A very EASY way!

Easy Online Profile: About.me

About.me is a simple, one-page profile about you.  You can enter whatever text you would like using a very simple editor, format it and add any links.  I would like to your website and all your Social Media profiles.

You can choose your colors, upload a background image, upload your professional photo that you are using for all your Online marketing, and create a very branded Online profile for yourself.

How to use your Online Profile

There are may things you can do to take advantage of your Online Profile at About.me.

  1. They have a tool that allows you to add the link right in your Twitter profile.  This is great since Twitter only allows for 160 characters in their profile.  Now you have unlimited amount of space – and the program will add the link for you!
  2. Add a link to your new profile in your email signature.
  3. Add all of your Social Media account to your About.me profile.  This creates a linking circle with your Online profiles and your website.
  4. Make sure your profile links to your website as well.
  5. Great for SEO for your brand.
  6. Use stunning images to bring attention to your profile.
  7. Online business card
  8. People find these profile – mine has been viewed 165 times in the past month.

Here is a screenshot of my About.me Profile.


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By Dotty