Today I had a fabulous interview with Ronnie Noize ~ DIY Marketing Coach (and my marketing coach).

We chatted about Online vs Offline Marketing and some of the mistakes people make

Feel free to watch the interview above ~ or read it here.

How do you combine Online and Offline Marketing?

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Online and Offline marketing go well together if you use one to send to the other. For example if you have a physical place the people come (like a restaurant, photography studio, etc) you can use a QR code on your Offline marketing to send them to somewhere Online where they can get more information on something.  Examples of places you could send them are to coupons, to a download, or a information video.

You can put QR codes on
a sign, business card, newsletters, post cards, etc.  QR Codes are quick and easy and can be created online for free!

People love to get short bursts of information on Video.  This is another great use of Online marketing that can be utilized on your Website, Social Media, YouTube, etc.

People are afraid of video – they think it is too hard.  However many forms of video are easy – like using Google Hangouts like we are here.

What are the common mistakes people make?

The biggest mistake is that people do not have a call to action.  Business owners do not tell them what action to take next.  Ideas are using Hashtags (#) in social media.  They can be used offline in an ad that lets people know there is an ongoing Online conversation around the subject.  They are searchable Online.

One other idea to utilize in Directories for Online Marketing.

Closing comments

Don’t be afraid of taking action.  Do something even if it is wrong.  It is easy to change a marketing strategy – so just get it going!