Updated May 2024

Directories are a great way to gain backlinks to your website. Register for a new directory for your business each week (or month). Over time, these links will add up!

Which ones should you use? Look at your competition and see what directories work for them in your industry. Register for those first.

Last week, I invited many of my clients and friends to a Directory website called Manta. Some replied, “I do not use Manta,” some ignored the request, and some questioned why they should join. A few created accounts and joined Manta.

Now, I know that not everyone will take my word as gold. But keep in mind that I am just like you—a small business owner with limited time. I will never waste your valuable time!

Directory Sites get you backlinks!

Inbound linking is just as important to your SEO strategy as onsite content. Directories are a great way to get inbound links! Sites like Manta are not really social media (contrary to what they want you to think) ~ they are a great source for links. Manta is also a great place to send people to post Online Reviews.

For those who actually joined Manta, and those who already have an account ~ you have made a winning choice for success in your business. Good for you! For the rest, consider this tip: When a Web Designer or SEO expert suggests you do something Online ~ they know it will help your business!