Online Directories: Inbound Linking

Last week, I sent an invitation to many of my clients and friends to a Directory website called Manta. Some replied, “I do not use Manta”, some ignored the request, and some questioned why they should join. A few created accounts and joined Manta.

Now, I know that not everyone is going to take my word as gold. But keep in mind, I am just like you – a small business owner with limited time. I will never waste your valuable time!

Directory Sites get you back links!

Inbound linking is just as important to your SEO strategy as onsite content. Directories are a great way to get inbound links! Sites like Manta are not really social media (contrary to what they want you to think) ~ they are a great source for links. Manta is also a great place to send people to post Online Reviews.

For those who actually joined Manta, and those who already have an account ~ you have made a winning choice for success in your business. Good for you! For the rest, consider this tip: When a Web Designer or SEO expert suggests you do something Online ~ they know it will help your business!