Today’s Expert Interview is with Luke Adams from Luke Adams Consulting ~ a Mobile Marketing expert.

I asked Luke the questions that Small Business owners need to understand about Mobile Marketing.

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is a variety of applications and products that allow people to market through a mobile device.  Some examples are text marketing, push notifications, and mobile apps.

Would it be a good idea to have a plan before starting   a mobile marketing campaign?

Absolutely – people are picking up on the mobile buzz words and trying mobile ideas that are not really needed, because they do not understand the really goal or strategy behind these buzz words. For example, people hear about getting a mobile app – they do not really understand all that is involved or that they need the app to do more than just be a mobile website.

What is the difference between a mobile website and a mobile app?

People are selling mobiles apps for 100.00 per month – relatively inexpensive.  However it is just a mobile version of your website.  There is nothing in the app that cannot be done on a mobile website.  A mobile app needs to actually have a specific function that will help the visitor.  An example is a bank that needs the security that can be provided by a mobile app.  Mobile applications can do a variety of things which makes them expensive.  1 out of 4 applications are not used after it gets downloaded.  Most apps that are being used are functional – like Facebook, Yelp, or a game.

Having a mobile website is good enough for most local businesses.  If the information can be displayed on a website so they do not need a mobile app.

What products can small business owners use to take advantage of Mobile Marketing?

People think they need a mobile app for the push notifications.  They can be done outside of a mobile app.  Text marketing is a great way to market and get your message out.  Text people when you have specials, sales, discounts, etc.  They can be scheduled just like you can for Facebook posts.

Is there a good platform for Text Messaging?

There are several programs available – depending on your usage. If you are going to be sending a lot of messages you want to get a flat fee program instead of a per-message program.  Having a strategy in place will help to decide what kind of platform is needed.  That is one thing that I do for my clients – help them get the right text marketing service.

I take a holistic look at all of your marketing and provide a strategy that will combine Mobile Marketing with traditional marketing.

What is Mobile SEO?

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