How can you tell if your site is a mobile website?

Mobile WebsitesIn today’s market having a website that performs well on a smart phone is essential for your business.  You might be surprised how many people are accessing your website via some kind of mobile device.  I was!  To find out look at your website analytics.  If you are using Google they have added a mobile section.  If not just check the browser usage – you should see the mobile browsers separated out from desktop browsers.

This is a growing market that will not go away – business owners need to have mobile friendly websites.

What is Mobile Friendly?

If your website is hard to read on a mobile device, if the menu is hard to navigate, if it uses flash, if the photos are too large to load, if your site does not load at all – it is not mobile friendly.  You can take it one step farther – if your site is the same on a desktop as on a mobile device it is not mobile friendly.

What needs to be on a Mobile Website?

Let your website analytics help you.  Take a look and see what pages mobile users are visiting.  Make these pages prominent on your mobile version.  Think about what  people using your site on a phone are looking for – are they wanting your phone number, address, map to your location?  Are they looking for a coupon, restaurant menu, or other benefit of your business?

Give them what they want and take the unvisited pages away.  It will clean up your site and greatly improve the experience of your visitor.  I know I have visited some websites on my phone and just gave up because the site was so slow or the menu was  not usable.  They lost my business that day.

Is your site usable on a mobile device?

If not you need to get that fixed this year – plug the hole in your funnel now not later.